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2010 Climb to the Castle Results – Women

2010 Women’s Climb to the Castle Results

October 8, 2010 – Hosted by NYSEF –

Race Report

Men’s Results

Plc Last Name 1st Name Class Club Time Notes
1 Spector Laura SR USBA 46:58:00 Representing biathletes everywhere
2 Arritola Morgan SR USST 48:02:00 Couldn’t repeat last year’s victory
3 Stephen Liz SR USST 48:43:00
4 Diggins Jessie OJ CXC 49:04:00 Strong result – looked good
5 Sargent Ida U23 CGT 49:29:00
6 Espy Adele U23 MCN 50:28:00 Looked good, esp. considering past compartment syndrome issues
7 Gosling Brooke M1 CXC 51:42:00
8 Dreissigacker Hannah SR CGT 52:45:00 Sporting a sweet race skirt, recently back from New Zealand.
9 Little Chelsea SR CGT 55:28:00
10 Geragthy-Moats Tara J1 CNSC 56:10:00
11 Jacobs Lauren SR CGT 58:52:00
12 Heagney Carrie OJ SVSEF 1:02:54
13 Bender Jennie U23 CXC 1:03:50
14 Knight Charlotte M4 Fresh 1:06:45
Melissa M1 CXC DNS

Video of women’s start

Laura Spector (USBA) - 1st Place

Morgan Arritola (USST/SVSEF) - 2nd Place

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  1. Marty Hall says:

    Where were all the women!?!? WOW!!!??? 14 in total—WOW!?!?

  2. In the comments section, along with how they looked and what they wore, perhaps you could mention who was the one that skied classic style?


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