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Mike Balduf aka the “Costume Disciplinarian,” pulled no punches when analyzing last season’s World Cup Uniforms.  He intially left out the distinctive green Australian suit – and the Aussies wanted in!  They submitted a photo, and noted that their unique uniform made athletes easy to spot on the course – great for spectators and coaches alike.

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The Costume Disciplinarian was not impressed, and wrote the following:

It’s not easy being green, mate

Stop the presses…maybe I was premature in awarding Ugliest Ski Uniform to the Canadian team. The Aussies’ green Kermit suit — complete with amphibian scales on the arms and legs — makes the Costume Disciplinarian want to cringe and hide under his waxing stand. Those black and white streamers with white dots look festive but seem at odds with the rest of the design. And red boots with a green suit? Where I come from, that spells fashion faux pas. This uniform’s disparate parts make me suspect it was designed by a committee of blokes down at their local, supported by ample quantities of Foster’s. At least the bib matches the suit.

Australia racing green

Australian racing green

Of course one man’s hideous suit is another’s favorite – as indicated by the recent comments on Mike’s original article.  And it appears that most people are loyal to their country, perhaps to a fault, with poll responses on the costume issue roughly lining up with FasterSkier reader demographics.

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4 Responses to “More from the Costume Disciplinarian…”

  1. Stormin Norman Says:

    That suit is wayyyy more baller than any I’ve ever seen!!! Much better than any other in my opinion.

  2. Marty Hall Says:

    I’m with you “Stormin”—the worst uniforms are the US and Norwegian efforts—an amoeba could have designed them—or just go into a store anywhere and pick them off the shelf—and Mike’s best of the rest—the Italian suit looks like the designer thru the artist’s palette at each lycra suit.
    The Aussie suit gets at least a thumbs up from me!!!

  3. Alasdair Tutt Says:

    Pretty sure you guys are just bagging us because we won the America’s Cup… suckers. By the way in Victoria the drink is VB not foster’s AND… name one green ski boot!

  4. Lars Says:

    I like that one it`s different and i think to many of the big nations use similar suits so i like ones that stick out.