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Another excellent day of racing.  Warmer temperatures were welcomed by all, and the courses held up well despite nearly 200 athletes skiing the 5km loop 2 or 3 times each.

The new Yellowstone 5k is a major upgrade over the old course, adding in a significant climb o break up the long stretches of flat and gradual terrain.

There was plenty of excitement on the courses, with a breakthrough win by Kate Fitzgerald, and an impressive victory by Tad Elliott.

Timing went smoothly, and preliminary results were displayed on a small scoreboard in the stadium before the races were over.

We finally got out for a proper ski, finishing up the reporting by 3:15.  A quick lunch at Free Heel and Wheel, and then an awesome two hour classic ski as the sun set.

We cruised into the trailhead at 6:30 to loud music pumping from a large speaker, and a group of teenager around a bonfire.  It was hot chocolate and smores night at the trailhead, and we just caught the last bit.  One of the organizers told us that over 200 people had shown up over two hours.  THe hot chocolate was delicious, and the local kids who had taken over the party at the end of the evening made room for us to toast our marshmallows.

Then on to the last night of the indoor expo and a delicous pizza from Wild West.


– Big hills on the race course

– Surpirse hot chocolate and smores at the end of a ski

– The woman who asked, looking at the large One Way poles banner, “So the trails only go this direction?”

– Old friends in West

– Ibex wool

– Fast ski racing


– No time to enjoy the hotel hot tub

– Still cold feet