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Headgear Sponsors

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Marty Hall posted a comment on an article from last month on the naming of the 2012 US Ski Team. It is unlikely that many people will see the comment, and it had some information worth sharing.

Marty talks about head gear sponsorship as a way to support elite US ski racers.

I checked with USSA and confirmed that US Ski Team athletes are given full autonomy with their head gear sponsors – they can sell it, and keep all revenue. The most prominent examples, which Marty points out, are Kikkan Randall’s deal with Subway and Kris Freeman’s with Lilly.

Canada, on the other hand, has a different policy. According to Canadian Head Coach Justin Wadsworth, Cross-Country Canada has team sponsors who have bought the location. So all athletes wear hats with those sponsors – for the men it is AltaGas, for the women, Haywood Securities.

Wadsworth, a former athlete and coach with the US Ski Team, says that in his experience, the US is in the minority worldwide in making the headgear space available to athletes.

May 9th – The New April Fools of XC Skiing…

Monday, May 9th, 2011

April Fools Day is but a distant memory. A full eleven months remain until you have to suffer through another round of fake news stories and kitchy humor…or not…

With arrogance born of a false sense of our own self-importance in the ski world, the FasterSkier braintrust has decreed May 9th the official May Fools Day of the sport of cross-country skiing.

Johnny Klister will cry, and Cloxxi will believe whatever we write, but the tide has been unleashed, and there is no going back.

Well there is, but we just don’t want to.

We actually received a surprising number of disappointed emails and tweets regarding our lack of April Fools content. With Spring Series in full swing, meaning there was honest to goodness real ski racing to cover, we let the day of jesting slip by relatively unheralded – with several reader submitted articles the only homage to the 24 hours of pointless mirth.

I don’t want to think to hard about what it means – that we get more feedback on our lack of fake news than we do on our actual coverage – I think the likely interpretation is that we are wicked cool.

In all honesty, we did have some emails asking why we did not have any April Fools articles, and the response is simply that there was too much else to do. That said, we have a lot of fun on April Fools, and had been brainstorming story ideas.

So we are going ahead with May Fools day on the ninth. Whether you like it or not.

Of course by announcing it, we do lose the possibility of someone believing our stories – something that happens with frightening frequency.