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Speed Dating a Skier

I apologize for the mid-season radio silence but I have some exciting news to share…my blog is now being featured on Cross Country Skier Magazine, the journal of cross-country skiing!!! Check out their site for my most recent blog posts and weekly musings on everything from racing and training to the real life challenges of peeing in a onesie ski suit. I will no longer be posting here as often but will be posting regularly to the new blog, Life on the Tracks over at

For now a quick update…think of this as the speed-dating version of blogging with 12 things in 12 minutes to cover the last 12 weeks (!!!) of racing.

1. 9,200+ Push-Ups!

I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the November Project Fundraiser. With your help I was able to surpass my goal of 5,000 push-ups and now have over 9,000 push-ups in my future along with a funded ski season. I could not do what I do without your support and cannot tell you how much I appreciate the many individuals and organizations who help make this dream possible to pursue. Also my arms are going to be huge by the springtime when I finally finish these things. Pictures to come…

2. Turned 27 years old

Birthday ski with Natalie, my little sis!

3. Earned 6 podiums in 9 races

Podium after a type II fun skate race

Sprint podium in West Yellowstone, MT

I had an awesome start to my season this year in West Yellowstone, Montana and managed to land on the podium in 6 of my first 9 races. After two back to back weekends racing in Montana, I traveled to SilverStar Canada for combined SuperTour/NorAm races and suffered through a painful 10km for one of my best ever skate races. Andy joined me the next weekend for a Canadian 3-race mini-tour in Rossland, B.C. before heading back to Bozeman for Christmas!

Ski adventures in Bozeman with Andy!

4. Frostbit my toes

Tall trees and cold feet in SilverStar

5. Found the perfect Christmas tree with my favorite person

My most favorite Christmastime activity

6. Sent it for all the marbles at U.S. Nationals. Earned my first yellow card.

Deep in the pain cave at U.S. Nationals where I skied to a somewhat disappointing but hard fought 8th place

7. Tackled the rain at Soldier Hollow for a best ever classic finish at U.S. Nationals

Papa Flow made it down to Soho for the races! Thanks for cheering pops!

8. Played in the snow…a LOT

Perfect tracks in Park City

9. Found that California sunshine for SuperTour #3

Oh hello sunshine!

10. Then found that California snow.

Went into survival mode for snowmageddon 2017 in Truckee, CA and our first cancelled race of the season due to an overabundance of snow

Embracing the snowiest of storms

11. Entered my first Boulder Mountain Tour.

Beat the mouthy master blasters who tried to bring down our mojo.

Podium pic with Nat!

Women’s podium (Mary Rose, Caitlin Gregg and me)

12. Traveled to the midwest for SuperTour #4 in Ishpeming, MI

Food trucks after the race=winning

Check out the new blog at to continue following along!