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So, we on our fifth day here in southern Germany, which is just about enough time to get fully settled in. The weather has been amazing so far, making the skiing really easy. Ok, not easy, but at least really enjoyable. Like I mentioned, the courses are pretty intense; there are basically no flat areas, and the hills are fairly formidable. I’ve never seen a more dynamic loop; the trees along the downhills are padded, and the climbs can’t be strided (strode?) without redlining.

The first race oriented activity was getting our credentials. The US crew pretty much took over the race office and all posed for our mugshots:


After picking those up, a bunch of the crew headed into Freiburg, which is definitely the biggest city in the area. The closest train station is just a little jaunt away, so we jumped on and cruised on down the valley into a very sweet German city. On the train, Erik Bjornsen found a friend; this energetic little German boy who was engrossed in his picture book:


The city was pretty typical of Europe, but we still had a good time checking out the streets and shops:


as well the awe-inspiring church:


This morning we ran a mock sprint race, just to try to get the feel of the course. Everyone was pretty busy, but it turned out as a pretty beneficial workout. People packed up and headed out with the stoke pretty high:


Just a few days to go until the first race, and things are lookin good. The big-time national teams are rollin in all over the place and theres a lot of skiing going on, and we will keep the posts coming hot and heavy.

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