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New Beginnings

Monday, June 14th, 2010

It has been a while since I last posted. I think that the last time I put something up, it was documenting Canadian Nationals. Bad me… But lots has happened since then.

Its amazing how things go… Towards the end of this race season, I started considering my athletic options. For some reason, I just felt a need to do something different next year. David was also simultaneously pondering his future as an athlete/student.

As for me, I went with the only option I thought might be better than my current situation. I am excited to officially say that I am joining up with APU for next season, and will be part of their Elite Team. The biggest difference between APU and FAST is the level of professionalism. I was doing so much of my training on my own here in Fairbanks, and I think that it will be great to have such a huge mass of coaches and athletes to push me to hopefully world class levels.

David has signed on to ski for UAF, a decision I think was motivated by wanting to be able to focus more on training. When you are as fast as he is, you should have everything paid for, allowing you to only have to worry about your preparation.

But I know that we both feel the same way about the club and coach that has helped us get so far already. The lessons and knowledge that we have gained from being on FAST will be the base that we build (or hope to build) our ski careers on. One of the best things our coach Bill McDonnell taught us was that its not complicated; train a lot, and then some more, and you will be fast.

So this is not at all the end of FAST. Some of us are just moving up to take on bigger battles. But we will always be part of the Fairbanks Alaska Ski Team.

I (Reese Hanneman) will be starting up my own blog here on Fasterskier, and I will try to get the first post up very soon. I am going to make a distinct effort to make posts on it more often than I did on this one. Check it out!

FAST For Life! David and Reese; parting ways, for now. Tour of Fairbanks TT

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