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Friday, May 29th, 2009

To start this off like a normal blog… What I’m listening too: “Change” by Taylor Swift

So “we” started strong with our blog posting, we constituting as Reese weekly and a random blurb from the rest of us about every three months, but we have started to fall off the rate of 1 blog per week (bpw). I don’t blame we, summers can be really busy.

A quick update on the last couple of months… First off David and I graduated high school (crazy huh?). Rehearsal made the ceremony seem like it was going to be a tedious affair, but everyone was so up beat that it made the 2 hours fly by really quickly. Second, state track just finished up. Track in Fairbanks, and Alaska in general I feel can be a double edged sword. I saw this because you can train about 6-8 weeks of speed when the snow gets off the ground if you’re careful, but you have no room for injuries or even a training slump. A plus is that you’re in good shape from skiing and every week you can watch your times drop drastically which is always encouraging. State rolled around this weekend and I ended up running the 3200 1600 and 4×400. The 3200 was fairly frustrating; I told myself I was going to run no faster than 4:50 my first mile which I ended up doing, but the pack of about 8 guys was still ahead of me. We all sort of went on die pace, the most awesome die being Trevor Dunbar’s who ran a 4:20 and then a 5:00. I managed to catch one guy falling off the tail end to get 7th with a high 9:5x, a couple seconds off my personal record from the previous weekend. The 1600 the next day went a lot better, as I felt really good at 800 in and was able to make a move with 700 to go and hold it to finish 3rd with a 4:28. It was one of those things where I was just able to focus on the race and the time came with it, I think I ended up setting a personal record by 5 or so seconds. I thought it was kinda cool that the two kids to finish in front of me (Aaron Fletcher and Trevor Dunbar) were the only two other freshman to qualify for the 1600 4 years ago. Actually a couple of cool things happened that day; all of Team Fast came out to cheer me on, and I finished my last high school race on the Lathrop track which is the same place I started my first high school race. Thirdly, I finally got my Marwe roller skis mounted and tomorrow is the first day that I hit the roads. Believe it or not I am super excited to roller ski this summer. Fourth and finally, I am starting to look at what races I am going to do this summer. The first idea on the list is a 5k time trial in which a couple of people agreed to help pace for a sub 16. I got pretty close in cross country, but never managed to run under 16 and I think the speed from track will be beneficial to running that time. Probably the next race will be Bill’s (our coach) infamous Ester Dome time trial which is a sold, and I mean solid uphill 5k. I can’t think past much of June, so the Midnight Sun Run 10k is the last race idea on my list right now

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Warm weather and pondering…

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I am here now in Waukesha WI, about 50 miles east of Madison. I have a sweet free place to stay and the training was perfect. This weekend I traveled over to Grand Rapids Michigan to visit almost all of my mom’s family who I have not seen in the last 8 years so it was a trip that needed to be doing, I had a lot of catching up to do. Then yesterday I need to get back to training so I drove the 5 hours back here and was a little bummed when I arrived because so much snow had melted since I had been here 3 days earlier. I was going to go for a long ski when I got back, but I was not really in the mood to get into the car again and go snow hunting so I just went for an hour run to stretch out the body a bit. Last night it was raining when I went to bed and today when I got up it was already 50 degrees and very sunny, some would say that this is perfect for February, but being a skier and needing snow for another week down here it is not so nice. Today I am finaly heading out for my snow hunt, I have a couple of ski areas that might have some potential, so until I find out more. Enjoy the cold if you have it, and if it is getting too warm out and the sun is hot try to get a sun burn, that is my goal for today at least…Tyson

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