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The Fairbanks Alaska Ski Team is a collection of athletes from, you guessed it, Fairbanks. Most elite skiers travel with more pairs of skis than there are athletes on FAST; and one volunteer coach with plenty of experience leads the small group. However, what the operation lacks in size it makes up for in quality; there are dozens of U23 and World Junior race starts among the group, with a few of the members looking to compete for World Cup start positions. The dedication and motivation of the athletes allows for the single coach, who encourages a straight-forward and almost old-school approach to training. The skiers take an active role in their own development, utilizing a variety of training methods. Blazing runners, championship swimmers, and standout cyclists all come together in the fall and winter months to terrorize local, statewide, and national ski races. Pushing each other through countless brutal workouts, the athletes learn about themselves, each other, and experience the joy that is skiing.

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