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U.S. Ski Team Wraps Up in Ramsau

The U.S. Ski Team men’s August training camp is in full swing. The group wrapped up the Dachstein Glacier segment in Ramsau, Austria, on Friday to take off for the ski tunnel in Oberhof, Germany. By all accounts, the skiing on Dachstein was beautiful. After taking a tram up to 8,500 feet to get on snow every morning, the team got busy logging easy distance hours in the spring-like conditions.

Joining the team in EUrope is Stratton Mountain School T2 rookie Eric Packer, a recent Dartmouth graduate and part of the USST National Training Group (NTG). As one of the top senior skiers in the U.S., Packer is at Dachstein on special invitation from the USST coaches.

Eric Packer skiing on the glacier. Photo, Chris Grover.

“Having Eric here has been an excellent addition to the group; he is training well and skiing technically well,” head coach Chris Grover wrote in an email.

We asked Packer a bit about what the skiing is like on the glacier:

“The skiing up here is awesome with good spring skiing conditions,” Packer wrote in an email. “It’s been a bit soft for skating but great for classic. Swix Universal mixed with Rode Rossa has been kicking well.”

Skiers see Dachstein and automatically think snow, but the glacier is also a tourist destination for the average outdoor enthusiast. The American squad has been getting out early to beat the traffic.

“We’ve been getting out there early to catch the first tram every morning,” Packer wrote. “On the sunny days, literally thousands of people swarm to the Dachstein to sightsee, hike and climb. It’s important to get there early and beat the crowds or you might be waiting an hour or more to get on the tram.”

Apart from tourists on the trams, says Packer, the trails themselves have mainly been clear of other athletes.

“We’ve seen the South Korean Junior National team and a few French U23 National Team skiers, but by and large we’ve had the tracks to ourselves.”

Eric Packer and SMS teammate Andy Newell skiing together on the glacier. Photo, Chris Grover.

Glacial skiing. Photo, Eric Packer.

Bluebird skies. Photo, Eric Packer. For more photos, check out the SMS T2 blog.

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  1. даворд says:

    Looks like pretty good skiing up there for this time of year! I am not surprised about you guys being primarily the only ones up there though. National and club teams are generally there starting in late August, all the way through October (depending on the weather conditions, i.e., snow, visibility, etc). The best time to ski up there is probably eary or mid September on, and that’s usually when the early fall snowstorms roll in. Enjoy Oberhof!

  2. Incedible photograpy! Thanks…