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Hoffman Runs Away With Oberhof Time Trial

The U.S. Ski Team held an 11-kilometer skate time trial in the ski tunnel in Oberhof, Germany, on Monday, and Colorado’s Noah Hoffman let it rip by posting an huge win – almost a full minute over Tad Elliott, his teammate on both the national team and Team Homegrown.

“I was happy with how I felt, especially considering the snow was fast and a little icy, which is a surface I’ve struggled on in the past,” Hoffman wrote in an e-mail to FasterSkier.

The race was six laps of the entire tunnel loop, about 1.75 k. Stratton Mountain School T2 racer Eric Packer, who is on the trip as a special guest, finished third, 49 seconds behind Elliott. USST sprinter Simi Hamilton was 24 seconds behind him in fourth, while Andy Newell did not race due to stomach troubles.

USST Head Coach Chris Grover cautioned against analyzing the results, which were shared with FasterSkier by Hoffman, too closely.

“We typically don’t like to publish time trial results since there are a lot of factors influencing performance this time of year: some athletes have race skis here while others are testing new skis, some have good grinds while others don’t, athletes are in different phases of training (i.e. some are more fatigued than others), etc,” Grover wrote in an e-mail.

But everyone agreed: Hoffman was flying.

“Noah was the clear winner and looked the best, skiing with great energy for the entire 11 kilometers,” Grover wrote.

“Das hoff putting on a straight up clinic on how to ski fast today. Big winner of our time trial. #byalot,” Elliott tweeted after the session on Monday.

Hoffman himself was pleased with the effort and took it as a sign that his work this summer is paying off.

“I was especially happy with how high I was able to get my heart rate and lactate considering the snow and terrain,” he wrote. “I believe this is an indication of the progress my coaches and I have made on improving my technique, of which the on-snow time has played a big part. There is still a long ways to go and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the rest of the time here in the tunnel, in New Zealand in September, and in Canmore in October.”

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