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An Update from Whitefish with Photos

The Canadian Women’s World Cup team and Alberta World Cup Academy (AWCA) are in the thick of their joint dryland camp in Whitefish, Mont., about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of the Canadian border on the edge of Glacier National Park.

With nearly 30 skiers, the group started training last Friday and will continue through Sunday to complete the 10-day training camp — their first in Whitefish. In a previous interview with FasterSkier, women’s national-team head coach Eric de Nys said they were drawn to the location because of its relative proximity to Canmore (about a six-hour drive) and because it was an unknown.

Academy skier Kevin Sandau, also on the Canadian Senior Development Team (CSDT), wrote in an email that the team typically holds its August camp in Whistler, British Columbia. This year, however, he headed south with teammates — biking 158 k of the way. They rode from Canmore, Alberta, to Radium, B.C., which took about 4 hours and 30 minute, and hopped in the van for the remainder of the trip.

“Definitely a scenic and fun ride, awesome weather and a bit of a tail wind in parts,” Sandau wrote.

Once they got to Whitefish, they hit the paved roads on rollerskis and scenic trails on foot.

“The main training focus is an increase in training hours while maintaining our standard level of intensity and strength workouts,” Sandau wrote. “This means a normal training day consists of generally an am and pm workout. … We’re staying just off of Whitefish Lake so it’s a pretty nice place to cool off after training.”

On Thursday, temperatures were expected to reach 27 degrees Celsius (81 Fahrenheit) and hover around there through the weekend. The AWCA men spent Wednesday afternoon on the lake, snapping a few photos of one another wakesurfing and wakeboarding behind a powerboat.

Alberta World Cup Academy assistant coach Stefan Kuhn wakesurfing on Whitefish Lake during a training camp with the Academy and Canadian women’s team in Whitefish, Mont. (Kevin Sandau photo)

New to the AWCA men’s team, Brent McMurtry (formerly of CNEPH) takes off his lifejacket after being towed behind a powerboat on Whitefish Lake, where the team is at a 10-day training camp in Whitefish, Mont. (AWCA photo)

On the women’s side, the camp was about uniting several Academy athletes, World Cup skiers Perianne Jones and Chandra Crawford, and independent skier Amanda Ammar. Alysson Marshall (AWCA/CSDT) wrote in an email that everything was going great so far.

“We are staying on the lake here so we can jump into the water after every workout and hang out on the beach when we have an afternoon off,” she wrote. “Training has been pretty standard – 2 long workouts, some intensity, speed, strength and recovery workouts. We have a time trial coming up on Saturday which should be fun. This is the first camp with all the Academy girls and it has been great to have the whole team together and nice to have Peri, Chandra and Amanda join in as well!”

On Monday, she tweeted a photo of teammate Heidi Widmer running along the edge of a rocky cliff.

“Awesome long workout today: long roller ski up Going to the Sun Road then alpine run,” Marshall tweeted. “This makes training easy!”

AWCA skier Heidi Widmer running along an alpine route on Monday in Whitefish, Mont. (Alysson Marshall photo)

Other tweets from camp:

@WorldCupAcademy (on Monday): “Awesome long day at glacier national park.2.5hr roller ski followed by a 2hr run.”

@StefanKuhn: “Glacier national park is a really sweet place for a day at work. Sweet views reminds me of Europe.”

@KevinSandau: “Even the hardest of training camps requires some time to relax lake style. Boatin’ and boardin’ on Whitefish Lake”

@PhilWid (Phil Widmer): “Not the average afternoon training camp activity…” see photo


More photos from around Glacier National Park  

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