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Secret’s Out: Kalla Trained with Bjørgen and Norwegian Women in Oslo

She managed to keep it secret for a few weeks but the Swedish press finally got wind of Charlotte Kalla’s recent visit to Oslo, Norway, where she trained with Marit Bjørgen, Therese Johaug and Ingvild Flugstad Ostberg. On Monday the Sport-Expressen reported that the Scandinavian rivals did ten workouts together just before the Norwegian National Team flew to Livigno, Italy, and Kalla returned home for a Swedish camp in Bruksvallarna.

Yes, Charlotte stayed with me a few days. We have well managed to keep it a secret until now,” Bjørgen said. “I see nothing wrong in it. Charlotte is a good friend and an amazing girl. I just want her to succeed.”

Though the Norwegian women provided Kalla a unique training opportunity, Johaug said the Swede pushed her hosts during workouts as well.

“It’s this kind of match that makes us even better,” Johaug said.

The trip was one that Kalla had been considering for a long time as a way to see her friends outside the race season. “And of course I’m curious about how they work,” she said.

“It’s something I thought about doing for years. And I no longer want to just think about things; I want to be the one who does them. Now it was so.”

The Sport-Expressen was quick to point out that this Swedish-Norwegian friendship stands in contrast to the trash talk that goes on in the press between Marcus Hellner (SWE) and Petter Northug (NOR).

“No, you can forget it,” Johaug said when asked to say something nasty about Kalla.

“No, you can not. I have only good to say,” Bjørgen said.

The reigning World Cup champion does have her rivalries, though. Justyna Kowalczyk (POL), for instance, will not likely be visiting Bjørgen in Oslo any time soon.

“I’d rather have Charlotte with me than Kowalczyk,” she said.




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