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The Other Things

When training is in full swing, it is hard to fit in some of the other things I really enjoy doing because they happen to be other sports that require energy and time that I cannot spare. However, I am still on hold for any real ski training due to an unknown illness so I have been embracing the coach’s/doctor’s instruction to do some form of light activity every day. Normally, you would think if I can only do a little activity every day then I would choose to do skiing (which I have been for the most part). However, the last few days I have decided to do the other fun things I really enjoy: rock climbing, beach volleyball, and surfing.

hnag 5
Working on the hang 5!
yeah surf
Suns out tongues out :p
2 out of the 5 nets that were set up.
My dad belaying Mike as he leads the way in Rumney.
The Jimmy Cliffs in Rumney are awesome! 
Pretty views at the top of the Jimmy Cliffs.
I joined CSU for a roll and strength.

I reached a point where I needed to take a step back from thinking about when I am going to be able to train again and just have fun…no heart rate monitor, no logging the hours, no training plan, just pure enjoyment of the outdoors and good company! I have cherished the time I have spent with my close friends and family over the past week that I normally don’t get to.

Sister time❤
Taking Roni’s new puppy out for a walk.
Sunset puppy walk along the pond.
Ice skating with Roni and Olja.
Beach volleyball with Katie.
Surfing with Lewis, Emily, and Tory.
Surfing with my dad🙂
Candle light dinner with my parents.

Now after my mental vacation, I am ready to do what I can to get me back to training as soon as possible!



All the Feels.

Contrary to the negative connotation that the word “emotion” carries, I believe emotion is a good thing. Bryan Fish (my U.S. Ski Development coach) once said, “regardless of what you decide to pursue, it should evoke emotion“. His presentation was eye opening to me because it was spot on! Often times people see emotion as a weakness,… More All the Feels.

“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

As I was watching the Olympics last night, this quote resonated with me: “Storms make trees take deeper roots”. I repeated the quote in my mind a few times and then the meaning stuck with me. The more adversity the tree encounters, the deeper the roots take, and the stronger the tree grows. I immediately… More “Storms make trees take deeper roots”

Switching roles

I arrived back at Stratton to an action packed scene. BKL (little kids) camp was wrapping up and SMS Junior Camp was kicking off. We also had a ski club from Sweden here for the week training with us which was super cool! Instead of being an athlete this week, I was a coach at… More Switching roles

Recovery Week

After a big block of training, I got a “vacation” week where I was able to go home and relax with my family. My family went on our annual family vacation camping on the Cape! It was nice to spend time with my family who I don’t see very often, especially my sister who lives… More Recovery Week

Steps forward —>

Immediate improvement is what we all want…but that is not how training works. Instead, this is my version of the training phases. First week of the training block: Moderate training. 2. Second week: Good volume week. 3. Third week: Big Volume/Intensity 4. Fourth week: Rest and Recovery 5. Week one: New training block. Okay, here is… More Steps forward —>

Finding that “Swing”

I am currently finishing the book “The Boys in the Boat” (for those who don’t what it is, it is about the nine men and their quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in rowing). Below is a quote I read a few days ago that resonated with me. “Therein lies the secret to… More Finding that “Swing”

Summer Focus.

  Fresh off a training camp from Park City, UT, I am heading into summer more focused and healthy than I have ever been in the past. It was really fun to return to Park City and see my friends from last summer when I was out there as well as runiting with some of my… More Summer Focus.

Spring Recap(with video)!

What happened this spring? I am starting up my blog again! After today, I plan to post one every Monday! I finished my first term of college at Dartmouth. I absolutely loved it! I headed out to Park City for a short camp. I learned about body movement and how to properly fuel for workouts.… More Spring Recap(with video)!

What a year, thank YOU!

Wow, the season is over! I don’t even know where to begin?! I faced numerous challenges this year, many more than I would have hoped for. I am however, fortunate to have had the opportunity to face and overcome my challenges successfully. They have made me stronger mentally and physically, they have taught me how […]