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Pierson and Flaharty Win Besh Cup #5

The Alaska Nanooks’ Julia Pierson and Team FAST’s Tyson Flaharty were the winners in Saturday’s Besh Cup racing on the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area.

Saturday’s event was an interval start (15-second intervals) event in free technique. Sunday’s race will be a mass start event in classic technique, beginning at 11:00AM. Sunday’s race is also the final event in the 6-race qualifying series that determines who will qualify for the Alaska teams to the 2010 Junior Olympics in Presque Isle, ME, and the 2010 Arctic Winter Games in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

When the decision was made Wednesday night to hold the races as scheduled this weekend, the temperatures were very cold, but the forecast was positive. The weather changed as predicted, and even earlier than scheduled, so that temperatures at the start were in the mid-teens, and the mercury even touched +20F before the racing was concluded for the day.

The course used was the tradiitonal “Three Hills” course, using the Blue Loop, the East Ramp/Tower Direct climb, and the White Bear/White Bear Access ascent back to the stadium. This is the same course that will be used for the ASAA state high school championship girls 5Km interval start event at the end of this month.

Pierson beat her red-shirt teammate, Raphaela Sieber by only 0.3 seconds over the 5Km distance to take top honors. Next behind Sieber was Celia Haering, a J2 from Alaska Pacific University NSC (APU) at 15:02.4. Fairbanks Cross Country (FXC)/West Valley HS teammates Marisa Rorabaugh (1st OJ) and Hannah Boyer (1st J1) were fourth and fifth in 15:10.1 and 15:12.9, respectively.

Behind Haering in the J2 class were Stephanie Kirk of Alaska Nordic Racing (ANR), Marion Woods of Alaska Winter Stars (AWS), Maranda Merkes of Soldotna HS, And Eliza Rorabaugh (FXC/WVHS). Jessie Yeaton (OJ), Kryston McPhetres (J1/ANR) and Mackenzie Kanady (J1/AWS) rounded out the top five for J1/OJ girls.

The USSA points penalty for the women’s 5Km was 116.65.

The J1-OJ-SR-MA men did two laps of the women’s 5Km course. Tyson Flaharty of the Fairbanks Alaska Ski Team (FAST) was 21.9 seconds faster than APU coach Dylan Watts (25:55.8 to 26:17.7). FAST’s David Norris was third and was first in the J1/OJ rankings, Alaska Nanook John Parry of Whitehorse was fourth, and Nick Treinen (AWS) was 2nd OJ and 2nd in the J1/OJ rankings.

Three J1 skiers, Logan Hanneman (FAST), Forest Mahlen and Jack Novak (both APU), rounded out the top 5 in the J1/OJ group.

The USSA points penalty for the men’s 5Km was 60.78. The minimum penalty for regional NRL events for men is 55 points, so this was a very good opportunity for skiers to earn some excellent points with a fast race.

In the J2 boys 5Km, AWS took 1-2 with Austin Hess (14:08.0) and John Glen (14:20.2). Lathrop HS’ Kyle Hanson had an excellent race, placing third in 14:23.7. Douglas Watts (West Anchorage HS) and Jake Prince (AWS) were fourth and 5th.

Local skiers Kuba Grzeda (FAST/WVHS) and Riley Troyer (WVHS) helped their qualifying rankings by placing 6-7, and Eric Hoefler (FAST) was 9th. Eight J2 boys (and eight girls) will go to the Junior Olympics and four J2 boys (and 4 J2 girls) will go to the Arctic Winter Games.

APU’s Jacob Bassett and Tanner Ramey and FXC’s Max Donaldson filled the J3 podium, and Tracen Knopp (ANR), FXC’s Benjamin Koenig and Louis Bassett (APU) were on the steps for J4’s.

Lydia Blanchet (APU), Sarissa Lammers (ANR) and Taryn Hunt-Smith (APU) placed 1-2-3 in the J3 Girls class and Amber Lenze, Jenna DiFolco and Maya Yoshikawa (all Fairbanks Junior Nordic Competition Group/JNC) were on the J4 podium.

Among the littlest skiers, the J5 winners were Gus Schumacher and Amber Hajdukovich, and the J6 winners were Rudy Schumacher and Halene Johnson.

NOTE: Photos Courtesy of Bert Boyer

J2-J1-OJ-SR-MA Women 5Km
1. Julia Pierson, UAF,14:41.0
2. Raphaela Sieber 14:41.3
3. Celia Haering, APUNSC,15:02.4
4. Marisa Rorabaugh, FXC,15:10.1
5. Hannah Boyer, FXC,15:12.9
6. Jessie Yeaton 15:18.8
7. Kryston Mcphetres, ANR,15:24.0
8. Mackenzie Kanady, AWS,15:40.7
9. Tristan Ramey, AWS,15:43.2
10. Davya Flaharty, NSCF,15:51.4
11. Heather Edic 15:52.4
12. Emily Rogers, AWS,15:55.1
13. Rebecca Konieczny 16:03.0
14. Allison Ross, AWS,16:03.6
15. Stephanie Kirk, ANR,16:06.0
16. Greta Anderson, APUNSC,16:11.1
17. Marion Woods, AWS,16:11.3
18. Morgan Bender, ANR,16:15.5
19. Anna Price, AWS,16:19.2
20. Bree Mucha, ANR,16:20.0
21. Rebecca Mamrol, AWS,16:20.3
22. Kimberly Del Frate, ANR,16:20.4
23. Jasmine Clock, ANR,16:21.6
24. Megan Baker, AWS,16:27.8
25. Maranda Merkes, Soldotna HS,16:35.8
26. Brittany Hippe 16:44.2
27. Sarah Cresap, APUNSC,16:44.5
28. Eliza Rorabaugh, FXC,16:48.2
29. Amelia Hennessy, APUNSC,16:48.7
30. Mykaela Mcmullen, AWS,16:51.2
31. Becky Butler, AWS,16:52.6
32. Teagan Yutrzenka, AWS,17:05.2
33. Mackenzie Flynn, APUNSC,17:06.4
34. Deanne Martin, Soldotna HS,17:13.8
35. Elizabeth Whisenhant, FXC,17:13.9
36. Amanda Del Frate, ANR,17:14.7
37. Megan Edic, FXC,17:15.1
38. Bonnie Scott, ANR,17:22.9
39. Mikayla Hamlin, FXC,17:26.6
40. Tsaina Mahlen, APUNSC,17:30.5
41. Erica Barnhart, APUNSC,17:31.3
42. Ema Mayo, FAST,17:34.0
43. Alexandra Okeson, APUNSC,17:36.5
44. Christi Schmitz, North Pole, AK,17:39.6
45. Heidi Rader 17:44.6
46. Sheryl Loan, ANR,17:48.3
47. Jacqueline Klecka, ANR,18:00.6
48. Crystal Pitney 18:20.5
49. Kelly Schmitz, North Pole, AK,18:32.0
50. Kimberly Fitzgerald, Lathrop HS,18:40.1
51. Helen Sudkamp-walker, FXC,18:48.1
52. Claire Ferree, FXC,18:53.8
53. Shannon Wyatt 19:11.3
54. Jeanette Klecka, ANR,19:30.9
55. Madeline Button, FXC,19:52.1
56. Sarah Lilly, West Valley HS,19:58.2
57. Kristan Kelly 21:57.0
Junior 2 Boys 5Km
1. Austin Hess, AWS,14:08.0
2. John Glen, AWS,14:20.2
3. Kyle Hanson, Lathrop HS,14:23.7
4. Douglas Watts, West HS,14:29.0
5. Jake Prince, AWS,14:31.4
6. Jan (kuba) Grzeda, FAST,14:37.5
7. Riley Troyer, West Valley HS,14:37.6
8. Schyler Knopp, ANR,14:43.4
9. Erich Hoefler, FAST,14:43.7
10. Eric Backstrum, AWS,14:44.5
11. Alex Loan, ANR,14:52.4
12. David Mcphetres, ANR,15:05.3
13. Jack Parke, APUNSC,15:20.2
14. Lucas Michael, ANR,15:24.4
15. Auberin Strickland, Palmer HS,15:28.5
16. Hugh Cosgrave, AWS,15:31.6
17. Brandon Kowalski, FXC,15:57.0
18. Bobby Signor, Fairbanks Jr. Nordic,16:29.2
19. Josiah Martin, Soldotna HS,16:42.2

J1-OJ-SR-MA Men 10Km
1. Tyson Flaharty, FAST,25:55.8
2. Dylan Watts, APUNSC,26:17.7
3. David Norris, FAST/NTG/FISCHER,26:30.0
4. John Parry, UAF,26:38.4
5. Nick Treinen, AWS,26:45.9
6. Logan Hanneman, FAST,26:47.6
7. Forrest Mahlen, APUNSC,26:55.9
8. Jack Novak, APUNSC,27:02.3
9. Henri Soom, University of Alaska Fairbanks,27:04.6
10. Silas Talbot, AWS,27:14.2
11. Isaac Lammers, ANR,27:23.4
12. Bobby Miller, APUNSC,27:23.6
13. Ray Sabo, UAF,27:24.8
14. Cole Talbot, AWS,27:38.0
15. Carl Smith, ANR,27:45.7
16. Patrick Nugent, FXC,27:53.7
17. Erik Soederstroem, UAF,27:57.7
18. Don Haering, APUNSC,27:58.5
19. Neil Liotta, AWS,28:00.7
20. Kyle Barnhart, APUNSC,28:01.0
21. Nathaniel Knapp, APUNSC,28:04.3
22. Sam Dougherty, AWS,28:07.0
23. Noah Hagen, AWS,28:12.8
24. Lars Arneson 28:17.9
25. Cody Priest, AKSR,28:19.9
26. Peter Mamrol, AWS,28:21.5
27. Travis Semmens, ANR,28:28.4
28. Galen Johnston 28:32.9
29. Stefan Hajdukovich, FXC,28:35.7
30. Erin Phillips, APUNSC,29:01.1
31. Eric Ryan, AWS,29:02.8
32. Andrew Arnold, Grace Christian,29:03.9
33. Benjamin Fitzgerald, ANR,29:11.6
34. Dunedin Strickland, ANR,29:13.6
35. Hunter Jackinsky, ANR,29:24.0
36. Scott Wheeler, APUNSC,29:29.1
37. Anders Nyquist, ANR,29:31.6
38. David Durst, FXC,29:42.8
39. Erik Gorman 29:48.5
40. Vanya Rybkin, FXC,29:51.1
41. Ian Wilkinson, Fairbanks, AK,29:55.4
42. William Coleman, NSCF,30:00.2
43. David Edic, NSCF,30:12.8
44. Werner Hoefler, FAST,30:19.0
45. Jani Lane, AWS,30:30.7
46. Dan Bradley, ANR,30:33.6
47. Wyatt Mayo, FAST,30:36.3
48. Bad Bob Baker 31:49.5
49. Davis Dunlap, ANR,31:53.5
50. Bryce Monaco 31:55.4
51. Kipp Wilkinson, FXC,32:06.0
52. Mike Hajdukovich, Fairbanks, aK,32:47.9
53. Zach Keskinen, West Valley HS,33:05.3
54. Michael Kowalski, FXC,33:06.8
55. Gerry Hovda 33:54.5
56. Mark F Smith 33:55.0
57. Bruce Talbot, NSAA,35:12.3
58. James Lilly 36:16.1
59. Gunnar Knapp, NSAA,36:35.9
60. Matt Stoller 37:55.8

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