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2019 Junior National Classic Sprints (Press Release)


Contact: Joey Caterinichio, Event Chair,, (907) 229-6427 Josh Niva, Chief of Media,, (907) 301-5287

Schumacher, Kramer go 2-for-2 in 2019 U.S. Junior Nationals titles During action-packed, drama-filled classic sprints Day 2 of 2019 JNs crowned six champions during a long day of fast racing

ANCHORAGE, AK – The action was fast and furious, dramatic and even controversial, in the always exciting classic sprint event on the second round of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships on Wednesday at Kincaid Park. Six national champions were crowned, including Alaskans Gus Schumacher (U20 men/Alaska Winter Stars) and Kendall Kramer (U18 women/Fairbanks XC), who each won their respective freestyle races on Monday’s opening day.

Gus Schumacher (Alaska Winter Stars/Team Alaska), center, was the top U20 male skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Conor Munns (Stratton Mountain School/New England), left, was second, followed by Will Solow (Colby College/New England), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

Schumacher’s win in the U20 final was unconventional. J.C. Schoonmaker’s (UAA/Far West) powerful poling and last-second lunge overtook Schumacher at the finish of the final, but officials later ruled that he violated the classic technique rules. The ruling moved Schumacher into first. Alaska’s Michael Earnhart (Alaska Nordic Racing) had a surprising victory in the men’s U18 race, winning by nearly four seconds. New England teammates and longtime friends and rivals Aiden Burt (Mansfield Nordic) and Trey Jones (Green Mountain) fought to the finish in the U16 final, with Burt holding on for a tight win.


Anja Maijala (UAF/Team Alaska), center, was the top U20 female skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Aubrey Leclair (APU/Team Alaska), left, was second, followed by Lucinda Anderson (Loppet Nordic Racing/Midwest), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

In the women’s U20 final, Anja Maijala (UAF/Alaska) redeemed herself with a win at Kincaid Park after an injury here two weeks ago. In the most thrilling finish of the day, Kramer gutted out a come-from-behind win in the U18 final, edging Sarah Morgan (Sun Valley SEF/Intermountain) by .6 seconds. Logan Smith (Sun Valley SEF/Intermountain) finished the day with a three second win in the women’s U16 final, despite having her left boot partially come apart.

Wednesday’s course covered a short-but-far-from-sweet 1.4 kilometers. It started immediately up the steep Gong Hill, then meandered a roller-coaster of small bumps and curves, then shot back down the Gong Hill to a long, tough corner at its bottom that led into the stadium. Skiers then quickly disappeared from the stadium again to hit a 180-degree corner before returning just as quickly on a short uphill/flat stretch to the finish line.

Anchorage’s current spring freeze-thaw weather cycle created icy conditions which made the tracks, and even the corduroy, super slick. It enabled skiers to aggressively double-pole, even up portions of hills, but was also the cause of a handful of crashes, near misses, snapped poles, and at least one shredded ski. Even during the qualification rounds, many skiers lost control on the big downhill and tight corner, spinning and crashing. Those who stayed upright posted fast times – the top men flirted with breaking the three-minute barrier, while the top women scorched the course in under four minutes – and faced tough technical skiing, as officials on the course ensured skiers maintained the classic technique.

Wednesday was a sprint format, which creates intrigue on the trails and excitement at the finish line. But for many, the experience is also a marathon. Those who advanced to the finals had to survive four rounds of racing: qualifying, in which they hit the course individually, starting in 15-second intervals, followed by six-skier head-to-head group racing in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Depending on their division, it was a grueling 4-5 hours between the qualifier round and the finals.

There were five quarterfinal heats in each age bracket, with the two fastest skiers in each advancing along with two “lucky losers” (the two fastest skiers that didn’t finish in the top two of their heat) into the two race semifinals races of 12 remaining skiers. The same format held in the two-race semis, with the top two skiers from each heat advancing to the finals along with two lucky losers.

U20 men classic sprint The upset of the day bit both skiers as the dramatic finish was negated 20 minutes after the event when officials ruled that Schoonmaker violated the classic technique in the course’s finish zone. The decision made Schumacher the winner and national champ, but it was an outcome that neither skier was content with.

“They said I skated at the corner,” Schoonmaker said. “I don’t feel like I did, but I might feel different if I saw the video. But I had no intention of cheating.”

Schumacher added, “That’s not the way you want it to end. But when you get in that situation, you know you still won. He was still faster than me today and he won it, he just doesn’t get the podium spot, the mug and the cinnamon roll.”

In that final, Schumacher held a slim lead coming down the Gong Hill, with Schoonmaker, in a tight tuck, quickly gaining. When the pair emerged onto the flat, 75-meter long finish area, Schoonmaker had made up nearly all the distance. The two powerful skiers dueled in a lung-and-leg busting, double-poling finish, with Schoonmaker finally passing Schumacher with a big thrust of his boot at the finish line, seemingly winning by a toe.

Schoonmaker’s team protested the sanction. After the day of racing concluded, officials ruled the sanction a “competition suspension” which relegated the skier to sixth in the finals.

Schoonmaker and Schumacher met after the podium ceremony, both smiling while talking about the awkward ending.

“You want some cinnamon roll?” Schumaker asked. Schoonmaker accepted.

Schoonmaker later said, “I love racing against Gus. And I’m really happy with how it went regardless.”

U20 women classic sprint Two weeks ago, the Gong Hill defeated Anja Maijala. Wednesday, it propelled her to a national title.

Maijala separated her shoulder in a fall on the hill two weeks ago. Still sore in both shoulders, she was unsure if she’d race Wednesday. She felt good enough to start and steadily advanced, saying she strategically matched the output of her competition in each heat with just enough energy to keep moving forward.

In the final, she charged up the Gong Hill, past the spot where she recently fell, and took a lead she’d never give back. Her speedy yet controlled downhill left no doubt as she pulled increasingly further from the pack.

“I knew if I got the lead up the first hill, I’d be in good shape because my skis were rockets on the downhill,” she said.

Her 3:49.97 finish gave her a win of more two seconds over Aubrey Leclair (APU/Team Alaska) at 3:52.67. Lucinda Anderson (Loppet Nordic Racing/Midwest), who won Monday’s U20 5K freestyle, finished third at 3:54.96. A group of 36 skiers finished the qualifier round of the U20 field.

Maijala said her shoulders were numb after racing, but she the felt great about her Gong Hill redemption and win.

“I looked back at the end,” she said with a smile. “I’ve never had a time when I’ve been in such a lead that I could celebrate.”

Michael Earnhart (Alaska Nordic Racing/Team Alaska), center, was the top U18 male skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Zanden McMullen (APU/Team Alaska), left, was second, followed by Johnny Hagenbuch (Sun Valley SEF/Intermountain), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

U18 men classic sprint No one was more surprised with Michael Earnhart’s three-second finals win and first Junior Nationals title than the skier himself.

“I was just trying to get a Top-10 today and then that just happened,” he said, shaking his head moments after coming down from the top step of the podium. “This feels really good. Unreal.”

After a solid qualifier round, which had 91 finishers, Earnhart inspected the tracks on Gong Hill. He found the popular inside classic tracks thrashed, so he made a strategic decision to use the outside track, despite its far-off position, because it was in great shape.

The daring call paid off as he came down the Gong Hill with a nice lead that he held to the end.

“I figured out that line, stuck to it, and that’s what got me the win,” he said.

Earnhart clocked a 3:12.48 for the win, with Zanden McMullen (APU/Team Alaska) second in 3:16.18 and Johnny Hagenbuch (Sun Valley SEF/Inter-Mountain) third in 3:16.87. Hagenbuch was the top U18 skier in Monday’s U20/U18 10K freestyle; he finished second overall to Schumacher.

Kendall Kramer (Fairbanks XC/Team Alaska), center, was the top U18 female skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Sarah Morgan (Sun Valley SEF/Intermountain), left, was second, followed by Charlotte Ogden (Stratton Mountain School/New England), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

U18 women classic sprint Kendall Kramer is a confident and ferocious competitor, though a somewhat diminutive skier, which can be a disadvantage when battling taller and bigger bodies in sprint racing. But Kramer also knows what her body is capable of and what her skiing strengths are.

So she wasn’t worried in Wednesday’s final when she was passed by two skiers on the first hill after she slipped – she quickly caught and passed them. And she didn’t freak out when she later lost her lead to the taller Sarah Morgan, who cruised by Kramer on the steep downhill. With a cold crowd suddenly coming to life with cheers and cowbells, Kramer knew they both had 70 meters of double-poling ahead of them.

Employing her crazy-quick double-poling cadence, Kramer caught and passed Morgan with about 30 meters to go, and then even put a little distance between them as she put a stamp on her win of the day’s most exciting race.

“The tall girls got the advantage on me on the downhills, but I knew if it came down to double-poling I’d beat them,” Kramer said.

Indeed she did, posting a 3:50.71 to Morgan’s 3:51.37. Charlotte Ogden (Stratton Mountain School/New England) was third at 3:52.01. 83 skiers finished the qualifier round.

Aiden Burt (Mansfield Nordic Club/New England), center, was the top U16 male skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Trey Jones (Green Mountain/New England), left, was second, followed by Wally Magill (Steamboat Springs/Rocky Mountain), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

U16 men classic sprint Aiden Burt and Trey Jones are longtime friends and competitors in Vermont, so they know each other’s skiing and psyche well. When it came down to the flat 75-meter finish of their finals event, with Burt holding a slim lead, each knew what they had to do to win.

The taller Burt maintained a double-pole in the lead; Jones suddenly switched to a speedy classic kick and gained on his friend. In the end, Burt’s burst finished off his friend by half a second (3:25.90 to 3:26.42).

“Me and Trey have been going back and forth all season, and he’s so good at striding,” Burt said. “I thought, ‘Oh god, here he comes.’ I was just trying to hold on.”

Jones grinned at his friend and added, “He’s an absolute animal on the up-hills. I just tried to keep him in sight. … I saw him at the end and started striding, but he’s a monster at double-poling.”

They might have different styles and strengths, but they both agreed that it was pretty cool to face off for a national title in Alaska, far from their home trails.

“It was awesome,” Burt said.

Wally Magill (Steamboat Springs/Rocky Mountain) was third at 3:33.12. It was Magill’s second podium in two races; he won the U16 5K freestyle on Monday. 73 skiers finished the qualifier round.

Logan Smith (Sun Valley SEF/Intermountain), center, was the top U16 female skier in the classic sprint at Wednesday’s second day of racing at the 2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Junior National Championships at Kincaid Park. Quincy Massey-Bierman (Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club/New England), left, was second, followed by Ava Thurston (Mansfield Nordic Club/New England), right. (Photo: Michael Dinneen)

U16 women classic sprint Even a blown-out boot couldn’t stop Logan Smith from blowing out the competition in her final. As she climbed the Gong Hill, she felt something “weird,” and thought her ski binding broke. She was wrong – it was the toe of her left ski boot ripping away from its plastic binding track, an experience avid Nordic skiers call a “delam,” short for delamination.

The boot didn’t play a factor in her awesome downhill, which provided the separation that allowed her to manage a steady kick, glide and stride into the finish. After the race, teammates, friends and even strangers had to get a look at the busted boot.

Smith won with a 3:49.96, followed by Quincy Massey-Bierman (Craftsbury Nordic/Inter-Mountain) at 3:53.32 and Ava Thurston (Mansfield Nordic/New England) at 3:54.19.

Smith said fatigue was a bigger factor than the boot – her final was the last race in a day that started with her qualifier round nearly six hours earlier.

“It was a pretty long day,” she said. “But I let go with all I had left and this feels really good.”

74 skiers finished the qualifier round.

Find full race results at

Upcoming race schedule and other media relations information follows: All races at Kincaid Park; Alaska Standard times listed; schedule subject to change

Friday, March 15: Mass start classic

  • U20 girls, 10 a.m. start
  • U20 boys, 10:55 a.m. start
  • U18 girls, 12:05 p.m. start
  • U18 boys, 1:05 p.m. start
  • U16 girls, 1:55 p.m. start
  • U16 boys, 2:30 p.m. start

Saturday, March 16: Relay freestyle

  • U16 boys, 10 a.m. start
  • U16 girls, 11 a.m. start
  • U20/U18 girls, noon start
  • U20/U18 boys, 1 p.m. start
  • Find a full schedule – race days and off-days – at Event course maps are available at
  • The races are livestreamed at by U.S. Ski & Snowboard at and will be shared on
  • Results from every race will be posted in real time at cross-country-junior-nationals-2019/, and later at and
  • A complete event program, which includes team rosters and race course maps, is available on PDF at and in hard copies in limited number at Kincaid Park. Racer registration is available at country-junior-nationals-2019/.
  • There are media working areas with electricity and internet access available upstairs in the Kincaid Park chalet. If working media has questions or needs, please contact Josh Niva, Chief of Media, at or (907) 301-5287.

For more event, race, team and athlete information, bookmark and

Relay Hill Climb Caps Off Junior Nationals; New England Wins Alaska Cup

The Midwest U20 women’s relay, with Margie Freed, Mikaela Keller-Miller and Caroline Brisbois, racing to first place in the relay hill climb at 2016 Junior Nationals in Cable, Wis. Freed was fastest of the U20 women to the top of Mt. Telemark in 6:39.2, and she was dubbed "Queen of the Hill." (All photos: CXC)

The Midwest U20 women’s relay, with Margie Freed, Mikaela Keller-Miller and Caroline Brisbois, racing to first place in the relay hill climb at 2016 Junior Nationals in Cable, Wis. Freed was fastest of the U20 women to the top of Mt. Telemark in 6:39.2, and she was dubbed “Queen of the Hill.” (All photos: CXC)

(Press release)

Note: This recap has been corrected to reflect that Far West’s JC Schoonmaker was dubbed U16 men’s “King of the Hill” on Saturday, March 12.

CABLE, Wis. (March 12, 2016) — The final competition of the 2016 USSA Junior National Championships concluded with a grueling Relay Hill Climb race up Mt. Telemark. The pressure was high, as this race not only determined the Junior National Champion relay teams, but also the “king and queen of the hill” as well as the winner of the coveted Alaska Cup.

New England claimed the Alaska Cup, which is the award for the team who wins the most points overall, throughout the four days of competition.

In the U20 men’s hill climb, Max Donaldson, Travis Cooper and Luke Cvoncara representing team Alaska edged New England (Lewis Nottonson, Kamran Husaid and Land McKenny) for the Junior National Relay Hill Climb title by 1.7 seconds, followed by Midwest (Nick Gardner, Tamer Mische-Richter and Will Bodewes) who finished third. Team Alaska was led by Cooper, who had the fastest time, skiing the hill climb in just 5:40.8. Cooper also had the fastest time and was crowned “King of the Hill” for the U20 men.

In the U20 women’s relay, the Midwest team (Margie Freed, Mikaela Keller-Miller and Caroline Brisbois), charged up the hill to claim a convincing first place finish as well as the Junior National Relay Hill Climb title. The team was led by Freed who skied the hill climb in 6:39.2, which was the fastest in the U20 female class and made her “Queen of the Hill”. The strong Midwest team finished 16.3 seconds ahead of teammates and the second Midwest team (Sarah Bezdicek, Abigail Drach and Mattie Watts), followed by New England (Lauren Jertberg, Kaelyn Woods and Katie Feldman) who finished third.

Intermountain (Brooke Dunnagan, Anna Gibson and Sofia Shomento) claimed the U18 female Junior National Champion Relay Hill Climb title. The team was led by Dunnagan who skied the climb in a time of 6:52.5, which made her “Queen of the Hill for the U18 women. Intermountain dug deep to claim the victory 15.7 seconds ahead of New England (Leah Brams, Makenzie Rizo and Rena Schwartz) and Alaska (Anna Darnell, Magalen York and Jenna Difdeo), who finished third.

In the U18 men’s relay, Alaska (Hunter Wonders, Canyon Tobin and Tracen Knopp) hammered their way up Mt. Telemark, to secure the Junior National Relay Hill Climb. The team was led by Wonders, “King of the Hill,” who skied the fastest time for the U18 men in a time of 5:32.0. Wonders edged Mid-Atlantic skier Karl Schulz by 0.2 seconds who was the second-fastest hill climber of the day for U18s. Alaska skied to a first place finish just 11.1 seconds ahead of Mid-Atlantic team (Shulz, Bryce Harman and Henry McGrew), followed by New England (Daniel Steinz, Adam Glueck and Will Rhatiann), who finished third.

Alaska (Luke Jager, Ti Donaldson and Gus Schumacher), battled to the top to claim the U16 men’s Junior National Relay Hill Climb title by 17.6 seconds over Far West (JC Schoonmaker, Hayden Halvorsen and Nate Cutler). Schoonmaker was fastest of the U16 man and dubbed “King of the Hill” with a time of 5:44.5. Rocky Mountain placed third, with Cameron Wolfe, Jimmy Colfer and Collin Wilson.

In the U16 female relay, Midwest (Abigal Jarzin, Kelly Koch and Lucy Anderson) dominated the hill climb to claim the Junior National Relay Hill Climb title. The team was led by Koch was crowned “Queen of the Hill” who skied the hill in a time of 6:49.7, which was also the fastest time for the U16 females overall. Midwest finished 19.2 seconds ahead of New England (Anna Lehmann, Callie Young and Laura Appleby), followed by New England (Phoebe Sweet, Charlotte Ogden and Mae Chalmers) who finished third.

Results: Men’s and Women’s Hill Climb

For more photos of the 2016 USSA Junior National Championships, click here!

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Freestyle Sprints Mark Final Day of Individual Racing at JNs

The U18 men's freestyle sprint final, which Alaska's Hunter Wonders won. (All photos: CXC)

The U18 men’s freestyle sprint final on Friday at 2016 Junior National Championships in Cable, which Karl Shulz of Mid-Atlantic (101) won. (All photos: CXC)

(Press release)

CABLE, Wis. (March 11, 2016) — The third day of the USSA Junior National Championships competition continued Friday with hard-fought sprint races on the grueling 1.3-kilometer course at Telemark Trails.

Logan Diekmann (Intermountain) U20, Sarah Bezdicek (Midwest) U20, Hannah Halvorson (Far West) U18, Karl Shulz (Mid-Atlantic) U18, Scott Shulz (Mid-Atlantic) U16 and Sydney Palmer-Leger (Intermountain) U16, claimed the Junior National freestyle sprint titles.

In the men’s U20 sprint, Diekmann dominated throughout the day all the way to the finals. Diekmann started the day strong, posting the fastest qualifying time, which advanced him to the heats. Diekmann won his heat and then skied to the win in the finals, finishing 3.75 seconds ahead of Dylan Syben (Far West) and Bill Harmeyer (Pacific Northwest) who finished third.

“This may be my final Junior Nationals and I couldn’t be happier about my race,” said Diekmann. “It has been a goal of mine to be on top of the sprint podium. I felt good physically and mentally. This race means a lot to me and my team but I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and family members. This is truly a wonderful way to finish out an incredible season.”

“Today was a great day, I am really happy to have had the best race I could have had with a bunch of cool racers/friends,” said Syben. “So far racing this week had been hard but I am happy to finish the individual races with good results going into the relay. Thanks to all the volunteers!”

“The race was awesome,” said Harmeyer. “Special thanks to the volunteers who helped keep the course intact. Couldn’t have pulled it off without them! Thanks to my parents who have helped me from the start! Good end to the season!”

In the U20 female sprint, Bezdicek started the day off strong and ended it even stronger. Bezdicek skied the fastest U20 female qualifying time, then won her heat, which advanced her to the finals. Bezdicek claimed the Junior National freestyle sprint title just 2.74 seconds over Lauren Jortberg (New England) and Abigail Drach (Midwest) who finished third.

“It was really warm out there, but the course help up thanks to all the volunteers,” said Bezdicek. “It was a fun and hard final!”

“I’m really excited to be on the podium and really feel good,” said Jortberg. “I haven’t been too excited about my previous races here, but stoked to end the individual races feeling awesome! I’m super excited for the relay tomorrow with New England. New England has awesome wax techs and coaches! I’ve had incredible skis!”

Halvorsen dominated the U18 women’s freestyle sprint. Halvorsen qualified second, won her semifinal heat which advanced her to the finals. Halvorsen skied to a convincing overall freestyle sprint title, 7.30 seconds ahead of Amanda Kautzer (Midwest) and Brooke Dunnagan (Intermountain) who finished third. Halvorsen has had an outstanding season, competing at the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway and the U18 Scandinavian Championships in Oteppa, Estonia, in February.

“I am so excited to have a race come together like this today,” said Halvorsen. “After a lot of hard work and an abundance of support from my family, friends, teammates and coaches, I am so happy to have a strong race. This is what I live for!”

“I was slightly disappointed about the first two races of JNs, but am psyched about today’s race as I haven’t sprinted at all this season due to biathlon racing,” said Kautzer, who represented the U.S. at Biathlon Youth/Junior World Championships in Romania this season. “Our coaches gave us great skis today and all the coaches and especially my parents were great with cheering!”

“So far, this week has been really exciting! The conditions have been changing a lot and has required us to be very flexible,” said Dunnagan. “Skate sprinting is one of my favorite events to compete in. I felt really good today and can’t wait for tomorrow’s relay!”

Shulz dominated the U18 men’s freestyle sprint, starting with the qualifier through to the finals. Shulz had the fastest U18 qualifying time and the second fastest qualifying time of the day, just five seconds behind U20 skier Diekmann. Shulz won his quarterfinal and semifinal heats, which advanced him to the finals. Shulz skied to a convincing victory, 4.53 seconds ahead of Daniel Streinz (New England) and Tracen Knopp (Alaska) who finished third.

“This was the best race of the season,” said Shulz “While I was in the starting pen for my quarterfinal heat, my younger brother Scott came in and won the U16 men’s sprint title and that gave me the final motivation I needed to believe I could go all the way with him.”

“My race was good, but not my best,” said Streinz. “ My season has been going well, I got a top 10 on the U18 trip to Estonia. The New England team is strong so it’s a fun team to be on. I like spring skiing so JNs is always a fun time.”

“Today felt great,” said Knopp. “I feld smooth and strong the whole day. The first day was bad but the next couple race I have felt good. The season has been good too. Solid training and racing”

Scott Schulz was the inspiration to his older brother Karl as Scott claimed the Junior National freestyle sprint title for the U16 men. Schulz qualified strong, finishing fourth which advanced him to the finals. Schulz grabbed first ahead of Samuel York (Alaska) and Thomas Gebhards (Intermountain) who finished third.

“Sweet!” said Schulz. “I had a great season and this was the perfect way to end it!”

“I had an awesome season and trained hard,” said Gebhards. “I am glad to have been able to still compete in this race and that they could pull off the race. I’d like to thank all the race volunteers for their countless hours of service.”

It was a close race between the U16 women for the Junior National freestyle sprint title. Palmer-Leger claimed her second national title by 1.5 seconds over Abigail Jarzin (Midwest) and Margaret Gellert (Alaska), who finished third. Palmer-Leger, Jarzin and Gellert were in the top three of the qualifiers and continued to fight hard and stay strong until the finals.

“I had an awesome season, trained hard to make it to Junior Nationals,” said Palmer-Leger. “Happy to get another chance to race in such a big race. I want to thank my parents and coaches that have worked very hard to help me become a better skier.”

“This season has had many ups and downs but I’m super happy to have had a strong race today,” said Jarzin. “Thankful for my coaches who have helped me become the skier I am today.”

The final race of the 2016 Junior Nationals continues Saturday with a relay hill climb starting at 9 a.m. Central time. The races will be streamed live, courtesy of Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC).


U20 Men

U20 Women

U18 Women

U18 Men

U16 Men

U16 Women

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Warm Weather, Melting Snow Postpones Junior Nationals Day 2

Warm temperatures and the resulting wet snow has led organizers to push back Wednesday’s races at Junior Nationals in Cable, Wis., and change the formats to a freestyle individual start on Thursday, freestyle sprint on Friday, and potential freestyle relay on Saturday.

Junior Nationals opened Monday with 5/10 k classic individual starts.

Wednesday’s races were canceled during a coaches’ meeting early Tuesday evening. The wet snow is causing drainage problems on the trails at Telemark and making it difficult to bolster with manmade snow. The stadium is reportedly a puddle, which could force organizers to move the start to a different area and also affect the length of the course loops.

On Wednesday, the forecast in Cable called for a high of 37 degrees Fahrenheit with scattered showers.

More details will be posted when they become available.

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New Junior National Champions Crowned at 5/10 k Classic in Cable

Nick Gardner (Midwest) skiing to a 35-second victory in the U20 men's 10 k classic individual race on Monday, the first day of Junior Nationals in Cable, Wis.

Nick Gardner (Midwest) skiing to a 35-second victory in the U20 men’s 10 k classic individual on Monday, the first day of Junior Nationals in Cable, Wis.

(Press release)

CABLE, Wis. (March 7, 2016) – Warm weather and tough conditions greeted the skiers as the 2016 USSA Junior National Championships kicked off Monday, on the historic and grueling Telemark Trails.

Nick Gardner (Midwest) U20, Abigail Drach (Midwest) U20, Hunter Wonders (Alaska) U18, Leah Brams (New England) U18, Mae Chalmers (New England) U16, and Gus Schumacher (Alaska) U16, claimed the coveted 5- and 10-kilometer classic individual Junior National titles.

The men’s U20 10k race had first tracks and the coolest temperatures of the day as Gardner (Midwest) skied to a convincing first-place finish 35.1 seconds ahead of Logan Diekmann (Intermountain) who was second and Max Donaldson (Alaska) who finished third.

In the men’s U18 10k race, Wonders (Alaska) claimed the Junior National classic title 26 seconds ahead of Nolan Herzog (Rocky Mountain) and Xavier Mansfield (Midwest) who finished third. Wonders also had the fastest time of the day overall on the 10k course. Wonders has had an exceptional year competing in the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway and the U18 Scandinavian Championships in Otepaa, Estonia in February.

In the women’s U20 5k race, Drach (Midwest) dominated the race to claim the Junior National classic title 32.5 seconds ahead of Mattie Watts (Midwest) and Lauren Jortberg (New England) who finished third.

In the women’s U18 race Brams won the women’s race overall and claimed the Junior National classic title just 4.8 seconds ahead of Mackenzie Rizio (New England) and Hailey Swirbul (Rocky Mountain) who finished third. Brams also had the fastest time of the day for the U20/U18 women’s 5k race.

The U16 races became more challenging as the temperature increased, causing the course to become soft. In the men’s 5k race, Schumacher (Alaska) claimed the victory by 6.8 seconds over Ben Ogden (New England) and Conor Munns (New England) who finished third.

In the women’s U16 5k, Chalmers (New England) claimed the Junior National individual classic title just 3.9 seconds over teammate Anna Lehmann and Abigail Jarzin (Midwest) who finished third.

Competition continues Wednesday with a 1.3/1.0k classic sprint. The races will be streamed live, courtesy of Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC).


U20/U18 Men

U20/U18 Women

U16 Men

U16 Women


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Junior Nationals Organizers Working to Maintain Snow

The organizers of the the 2015 Junior National Championships in Truckee, Calif. are working to preserve the little snow left on the trails of the Auburn Ski Club training center. Due to an uncharacteristic warm and dry winter, the mountains of western California appear more brown than white.

With the event set to begin in the second week of March, organizers are working to maintain and strengthen a 3-kilometer loop with cutoffs by moving snow from other trails and trucking snow from the local alpine area.

The 2015 Junior National Championships will take place March 8 to 14, and will welcome over 400 junior skiers to the trails of the the Auburn Ski Club training center.

See their progress in the event’s YouTube video update below:

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Junior Nationals Photo Galleries by MacBeth Graphics

2014 Junior Nationals (Photos: MacBeth Graphics)

2014 Junior Nationals (Photos: MacBeth Graphics)

Thousands upon thousands of photos from 2014 Junior Nationals in Stowe, Vt. — they’re all here at MacBeth Graphics galleries! All the profits from any print sales (and there have been a good amount already) will be donated to the National Nordic Foundation.

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Junior Nationals Recap Video Collaboration by Mullings and Kerns

STOWE, Vt. — A recap of last week’s 2014 Junior Nationals at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt., by Far West’s Skyler Mullings and New England’s Julia Kern.

“Both Julia and I would like to thank every single volunteer out there, all the race organizers and directors, the race sponsors, our teammates, coaches, wax techs and parents!” Mullings wrote. “See everyone next year!

Trouble viewing video? Click here.

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Junior Nationals Sprint Video by Skyler Mullings

Far West’s Skyler Mullings of the Sugar Bowl Academy created the following video of the Junior Nationals classic sprints last Wednesday at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt. He did so after racing himself, qualifying and placing a notable 18th.

2014 JN CLASSIC SPRINTS from After Hours Productions on Vimeo.

Have a video of your own you’d like to share? Email with the link.

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U.S. Junior Nationals: Day 1 Results and Podium Pics

The U.S. Junior Nationals U18 men's 10 k classic podium, with winner Peter Holmes (Far West), Zak Ketterson (Midwest) in second, and Ian Torchia (Midwest) in third. (Photo: Mark Nadall/MacBeth Graphics)

The U.S. Junior Nationals U18 men’s 10 k classic podium, with winner Peter Holmes (Far West), Zak Ketterson (Midwest) in second, and Ian Torchia (Midwest) in third. (Photo: Mark Nadell/MacBeth Graphics)

STOWE, Vt. — U.S. Junior Nationals kicked off in earnest on Monday, the first of four days of racing at Trapps Family Lodge this week, with 5- and 10-kilometer classic individual starts.

While we’re working on a video to recap the action, check out the results of six different races in the U16, U18 and U20 categories on the event website.

Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates and photos as they happen.


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Results From JNs Classic Relays: Alaska Claims Three Golds

On the second day of competition at Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, Alaska, the home division won three out of six relays; one  in the J1 boys category and again in both the girl’s and boy’s OJ divisions. Norway’s guest teams won both J1 relays and the New England girls claimed a 44-second victory in the J2 girl’s race.

J2 3×3.3 k Relay

Alaska’s Jake Bassett, Tristan Sayre and Max Donaldson won the J2 boys 3×3.3 k by over 30 seconds in a time of 29:53.4. Intermountain took second (30:30.0) and the New England boys finished third (30:40.7).

In the J2 girls division, New England’s Katharine Ogden, Leah Brams and Julia Kern blew the competition out of the water, winning the 3×3.3 k in 34:01.0, 44 seconds over Alaska. The Rocky Mountain girls claimed third place (35:10) to round out the podium.

OJ 3×3.3 k Relay

Alaska’s Forrest Mahlen, Vanya Rybkin and Logan Hanneman posted the fastest course time of the day in 28:00.6 to beat the Midwest’s lineup (Christopher Parr, Jan Ketterson and Ben Saxton) by 13 seconds. Rocky Mountain’s Tucker McCrerey, Charlie Von Thaden and Max Scrimgeour finished third (28:40.7).

Celia Haering, Stephanie Kirk and Hannah Boyer continued the Alaskan OJ domination in the girl’s relay, besting Intermountain by 16 seconds. Rocky Mountain’s squad took third.

J1 3×3.3 k Relay

The guest team from Lillehammer, Norway — Martin Thon, Sjur Slettom and Mattis Stenshagen — won the boy’s J1 age class in 28:13.1 over Rocky Mountain’s Keegan Swirbul, Evan Weinman and Cal Deline. New England’s squad took third overall (for the second American finish) 39 seconds back.

The story was the same in the girl’s race; Norway’s Lotta Weng, Tiril Weng and Lisa Kvamme beat Intermountain’s Laurel Fiddler, Maggie Williams and Annika Miller by four seconds. The Midwest claimed third.

Complete results.

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Junior Nationals: Weng Twins Untouchable in J1/OJ Girls 5 k Skate

Sixteen-year-old twins from Lillehammer, Norway, Tiril and Lotta Weng went 1-2 in Monday’s opening race of the 2013 Junior Nationals. Tiril completed the 5 k freestyle race in 14:19.2 and Lotta was 17.9 seconds back in second.

The two J1s beat the fastest OJ, Stephanie Kirk (AK/Alaska Winter Stars) by 1:01.4 minutes and 43.5 seconds, respectively. Alayna Sonnesyn (MW/Sisu) was the third J1 and fourth overall, just 0 .2 seconds behind Kirk.

Sarah Freistone (AK/University of Alaska-Anchorage) was the second OJ in eighth (+1:23.4), and Hannah Boyer (AK/NSCF-FXC) was the third OJ in 10th overall (+1:29.5).

In the J2 girls 5 k, Katharine Ogden (NE/SMS) won in 15:35.7, just 1.6 seconds ahead of New England teammate Julia Kern (Cambridge Sports Union) in second. Another CSU skier, Leah Brams was third (+9.1).

J1 top five

1. Tiril Weng (Norway) 14:19.2*

2. Lotta Weng (Norway) +17.9

3. Alayna Sonnesyn (MW/Sisu) +1:01.6

4. Lisa Kvamme (Norway) +1:06.1

5. Annika Miller (IM/Payatte Lakes) +1:08.4

OJ top five

1. Stephanie Kirk (AK/Alaska Winter Stars) 1:01.4

2. Sarah Freistone (AK/University of Alaska-Anchorage) +1:23.4

3. Hannah Boyer (AK/NSCF-FXC) +1:29.5

4. Cambria McDermott (NE/MSU) +1:37.05

5. Bree Mucha (AK/Alaska Nordic Racing) +1:44.1

*J1/OJ winner

J2 top five

1.Katharine Ogden (NE/SMS) 15:35.7,

2. Julia Kern (NE/CSU) +1.6

3. Leah Brams (NE/CSU) +9.1.

4. Lydia Blanchet (AK/APU) +13.7

5. Leah Lange (IM/UOP) +34.7


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Junior Nationals: Stenshagen Leads Three Norwegians in Top Five of 10 k Skate

On the first day of racing at the 2013 Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, Alaska, Norwegian Mattis Stenshagen led three NTG Lillehammer teammates in the top five of the boys 10 k freestyle race at Birch Hill, winning in 26:34.2.

A 16-year-old J1, Stenshagen topped Alaska Pacific University’s Logan Hanneman, the first OJ, by just 3.2 seconds. Martin Thon of Norway was third overall (second J1), 24.9 seconds back. Ben Saxton of F.A.S.T. Performance Training was the second OJ, fourth overall (+25.3). The third Norwegian, Sjur Slettom was the third J1 and fifth overall (+30.0).

In the J2 boys 5 k, Max Donaldson (AK/NSCF-FXC) won by 17.0 seconds in 13:30.0. Koby Gordon (NE/SMS) was second and Jake Bassett (AK/AWS) placed third (+27.5).

J1 top five

1. Mattis Stenshagen (Norway) 26:34.2*

2. Martin Thon (Norway) +24.9

3. Sjur Slettom (Norway) +30.0

4. Ian Torchia (MW/Rochester) +40.8

5. Tyler Foulkes (NE/SMS) +55.3

OJ top five

1. Logan Hanneman (AK/APU) +3.2

2. Ben Saxton (MW/FAST) +25.3

3. Eli Hoenig (NE/CSU) +38.7

4. Jack Hegman (NE/UVM) +38.9

5. Patrick McElravey (FW/Auburn) +44.5

*Overall J1/OJ winner

J2 top five

1. Max Donaldson (AK/NSCF-FXC) 13:30.0

2. Koby Gordon (NE/SMS) +17.0

3. Jake Bassett (AK/AWS) +27.5

4. Tristan Sayre (MW/FAST) +37.5

5. Bill Harmeyer (NE/Mansfield) +43.1

Complete results

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NENSA Names New England JO Team

New Gloucester, ME, February 25, 2013 –The New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) is pleased to announce the athletes who will represent our region in the USSA Junior National Cross Country Ski Championships, to be held March 9-16th. 51 of the top juniors in New England will be heading to Fairbanks, Alaska. There they will compete for individual National titles as well as defending the overall championship team title known as the Alaska Cup. The Alaska Cup has held residence in New England for the past 4 years.

These women and men will take to the challenging trails at Birch Hill where they will compete in four races during the week against nine other regions. Formats include a sprint race with heats, a classic and skate race and a team relay:

  • Monday, March 11-Freestyle individual start
  • Tuesday, March 12-Classic relay
  • Thursday, Match 14-Freestyle sprint
  • Saturday, March 16-Classic Mass start

Twelve of New England’s top coaches will lead the team in Alaska. Returning as Head Coach is Matt Boobar, Nordic Coach at Stratton Mountain School, with Nick Kline, Head Coach at Gould Academy, assisting as Team Leader this year. Joining them will be Head Wax Technician and glide wax specialist Justin Beckwith, Green Mountain Valley School. Nick Mahood, Woodstock Nordic, heads up the kick waxing side. Justin and Nick have led the wax staff to much success in previous years. The coaching staff this year is well rounded and brings a high level of hands-on experience to the team. Each coach is familiar with the athletes on the team and has had success coaching at National level events.

The New England Team is selected through a series of Junior National Qualifying races hosted with the TD Bank Eastern Cups. This is a points based series with a broad spectrum of race formats. Athletes can also qualify through designated out of region races.

The New England Junior National Team is recognized as part of our Community Olympic Development Program (CODP). The CODP is a National organization that operates under the guidance of the United States Olympic Committee with a focus on developing Olympians.

For more information about the USSA Junior Nationals, links to live timing and results go to You can also follow the New England team via photo’s, stories and updates on!

New England Coaching Staff

·      Matt Boobar, Stratton Mountain School

·      Katherine Barton, Burke Mountain Academy

·      Cam MacKluger, Frost Mountain Nordic

·      Poppet Boswell, Stratton Mountain  School

·      Evan Dethier, Green Mountain Valley School

·      Tracey Cote, Colby College

·      Seth Hubbard, Maine Winter Sports Center

·      Kathy Maddock, Cambridge Sports Union

·      Tim Weston, Mansfield Nordic


2013 New England Junior National Team Roster

Source: NENSA

J1/OJ women
Heidi Halvorsen J1 Green Mountain Valley School Stowe, VT
Cate Brams J1 Cambridge Sports Union Belmont, MA
Hannah Benson J1 Mount Washington Nordic Jackson, NH
Maddy Pfeifer OJ Green Mountain Valley School Andover, NH
Brooke Mooney J1 Stratton Mountain School Peru, VT
Cambria McDermott OJ Putney Ski Club Putney, VT
Zoe Snow J1 Cambridge Sports Union Weston, MA
Hannah Miller OJ Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club Elmore, VT
Tara Humphries J1 Burke Mountain Academy N. Yarmouth, ME
Shelby Aseltine OJ Bowdoin Ski Team Wilton, ME
Halie Lange J1 Brattleboro Nordic Brattleboro, VT
Sadie James J1 Gould Academy Avon, ME
Sienna Searles OJ St. Lawrence Univ. Charlotte, VT
Tristan Ramey OJ UNH Ski Team Anchorage, AK
Hadley Moreau J1 Cambridge Sports Union Falmouth, ME
Jenna Maddock OJ Gunstock Nordic Association S. Berwick, ME
Aleksandra Zakrzewska OJ Mansfield Nordic S. Burlington, VT
J1/OJ Men
Fabian Stocek OJ Holderness Nordic Holderness, NH
Eli Hoenig OJ Cambridge Sports Union Sudbury, MA
Jordan Fields OJ Stratton Mountain School S. Woodstock, VT
Thomas Rabon OJ Dartmouth Outing Club Turner, ME
Jack Schrupp J1 Gunstock Nordic Association Gilford, NH
Jack Hegman OJ UVM Ski Team Huntington, VT
Ben Hegman J1 Mansfield Nordic Club (MNC) Huntington, VT
Hamish McEwen J1 Stratton Mountain School Weston, MA
Tyler Foulkes J1 Stratton Mountain School Jamaica, VT
Gino Pastore OJ Stratton Mountain School DURANGO, CO
Ian Moore J1 Green Mountain Valley School Waitsfield, VT
Jackson Bloch OJ Bowdoin Ski Team Falmouth, ME
Devlin Shea OJ Green Mountain Valley School Waitsfield, VT
Calvin Wight OJ Colby College Nordic Ski Team Concord, MA
Sam Merrens J1 Ford Sayre Norwich, VT
Nathan Moreau OJ Cambridge Sports Union Falmouth, ME
Joshua Harrington OJ Williams Outing Club Pittsfield, MA
Tyler DeAngelis OJ Bowdoin Ski Team Readfield, ME
Jack Elder J1 Stratton Mountain School Yarmouth, ME
Rion O’Grady OJ Holderness Nordic Sherborn, MA
J2 Girls
Katharine Ogden J2 Stratton Mountain School Landgrove, VT
Julia Kern J2 Cambridge Sports Union Waltham, MA
Leah Brams J2 Cambridge Sports Union Belmont, MA
Chloe Levins J2 Mountain Top Nordic Ski Club Rutland, VT
MacKenzie Rizio J2 Stratton Mountain School Wilmington, VT
Tegan Thorley J2 Stratton Mountain School Rochester, NY
Tessa Schrupp J2 Gunstock Nordic Association Gilford, NH
Sonya Jampel J2 Cambridge Sports Union Newton, MA
J2 Boys
Koby Gordon J2 Stratton Mountain School Saxtons River, VT
Henry Harmeyer J2 Mansfield Nordic Club (MNC) Underhill, VT
Gavin McEwen J2 Cambridge Sports Union Weston, MA
Bill Harmeyer J2 Mansfield Nordic Club (MNC) Underhill, VT
Zane Fields J2 Woodstock Nordic Runners S. Woodstock, VT
Nathanael Kuzio J2 Mansfield Nordic Club (MNC) Moretown, VT

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Invitations Announced to the 2012 USSA National J2 Camp

The 3rd annual National J2 Talent Camp will be conducted August 4- August 11, 2012 in Craftsbury, Vermont at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. The camp will provide a great opportunity for many of the top young cross country skiers in the U.S. to train together, and learn from USST staff and top club coaches.

The camp is the first step along the U.S. development pipeline for promising young skiers. Each year the location of the camp will rotate around the U.S. to other great training venues, with the same time slot each summer – the first week of August. Selections of the top 20 boys and top 20 girls were made using a best two of three individual results from Junior Nationals. (For the sprint race, the qualifying round results were compared with final heat results and the best of these two was used in the calculation). In addition to the selections, each division may petition for the addition of up to 1 boy and 1 girl to attend the camp.

The collaboration from regional coaches along with continued support from NNF (National Nordic Foundation) and USSA (United States Ski and Snowboard Association), have enabled this camp to continue and to grow. After two very successful years, Michigan Tech in 2010 and Sun Valley in 2011, NNF will provide support for another year in 2012. This support greatly helps offset camp costs and ensures some of the top coaches in the country will be guiding these young athletes.

Camp invite roster is listed below. Invitations and registration application will be sent to selected athletes shortly. The deadline for registering is April, 30, 2012. The cost for this eight day camp is 595.00, and does not include airfare. Camp details (travel, accommodations, coaching staff, etc) will be forthcoming shortly. For more information, please contact Camp director Rick Kapala at: 208 720-7981 or via email

This year’s site at Craftsbury Outdoor Center offers a spectacular setting for athletes with great hiking, rollerskiing, mountain biking, swimming, training facilities, lodging, and fabulous meals.

Camp Training Plan: The goals of the camp are twofold. Provide camp participants with an excellent week of dryland training with other top US Juniors that serves to help motivate participants in their efforts in ski racing. Additionally, the camp will provide participants with up to date information on nutrition and health management, current international ski technique and training planning and execution.


Eligible J2’s: Girls

1. Julia Kern, Cambridge Sports Union – NE

2. Lydia Blanchet. APUNSC-AK

3. Brooke Mooney, Stratton Mtn School- NE

4. ALayna Sonnesyn, Sisu Ski Club – MW

5. Katherine Ogden, Stratton Mtn School – NE

6. Sarrissa Lammers, Alaska Nordic Racing – AK

7. Jane Hoefler, APUNSC – AK

8. Zoe Snow , Cambridge Sports Union – NE

9. Hailey Swirbul, Aspen Valley SSC – RM

10. Hannah Peterson, Durango Nordic Ski Club – RM

11. Mattie Watts, Sisu Ski Club – MW

12. Gretchen Burkholder, Steamboat Springs WSC – RM

13. Taelaer McCrerey, Summit Nordic Ski Club – RM

14. Racquel Wohik, Sisu Ski Club – MW

15. Hannah Hardenbergh, SSC Vail-RM

16. Bjork Hagensen, Bridger Ski Foundation-IM

17. Leah Lange, Park City Nordic Ski Club-IM

18. Abby Habermehl, Summit Nordic Ski Club-RM

19. Evelina Sutro, Colorado Rocky Mtn School-RM

20. Emily Hyde, Mt Bachelor SEF-PN



1. Thomas O’Harra, APUNSC-AK

2. Karston Hokanson, Wasatch Nordic Ski Academy-IM

3. Cully Brown, Durango Nordic Ski Club-RM

4. Henry Harmeyer, Mansfield Nordic Club-NE

5. Peter Holmes, Tahoe XC Ski Ed Assn-FW

6. Matthew Muffoletto, Alaska Winter Stars-AK

7. Ben Hegman, Mansfield Nordic Club-NE

8. Sam Miller, Bridger Ski Foundation-IM

9. Tanner Ramey, Alaska Winter Starts-AK

10. Jack Elder, Cumberland Nordic Club-NE

11. Koby Gordon, Stratton Mtn School-NE

12. Peter Neal, Jackson Hole Ski Club-IM

13. Steve Hokanson, Sisu Ski Club-MW

14. John Farr, Alaska Winter Starts-AK

15. Jacob Bassett, Alaska Winter Stars-AK

16. Jacob Volz, APUNSC-AK

17. Gavin McEwen, Cambridge Sports union-NE

18. Henry Trowbridge, Summit Nordic Ski Club-RM

19. Forrest Smith, Crested Butte Nordic Team-RM

20. Joel Sawyer, Summit Nordic Ski Club- RM


Complete points ranking list used for selection process.

Thank you to our camp supporters: National Nordic Foundation and Craftsbury Outdoor Center.




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JN: Rocky Mountain Takes J1 Girls’ Relay; Midwest Wins OJ Race

MIDWAY, Utah — The Rocky Mountain J1 girls’ team of Mary O’Connell (Steamboat Springs WSC), Rachel Hampton (Durango NSC) and anchor Emily Hannah (Steamboat Springs WSC) took the win in a fast 3×3 k relay that ran concurrently with the OJ girls’. It was hard to tell what was going on in the scramble leg but a group of leaders eventually emerged, the RM J1s right in the mix at the front.

The Alaska team of Teagan Yutrzenka (Alaska Winter Stars), Sarah Freistone (Alaska Nordic Racing) and Marion Woods (AWS) finished 5.1 seconds back for the silver medal. New England’s relay of Heather Mooney (Middlebury) Olivia Meyerson (CSU) and Corey Stock (CSU) took third (+6.1).

The OJ girls’ relay winners was no surprise — after consistent top results this week, the Midwest kept it up for the final title of the week. Sharmila Ahmed (GoTraining), Alice Flanders (Sisu Ski Club) and Liz Simak (F.A.S.T.) won by a 7.2-second margin.

New England took the silver with the team of Tara Geraghty-Moats (Craftsbury), Emily Stitt (GMVS) and Rachel Hall (Middlebury). Alaska’s second team — Kinsey Loan (APUNSC), Kimberly Delfrate (ANR) and Annie Liotta (AWS) — came away with bronze (+11.9).

Live J1/OJ results (OJs appear below J1s)

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JN: Rocky Mountain Boys Top Podium in J1, OJ Relays (Updated)

Note: This post has been corrected to reflect that Rocky Mountain swept both the OJ and J1 boys relays at Junior Nationals on Saturday.

MIDWAY, Utah — Rocky Mountain topped the podium in both the J1 and OJ boys 3×3 k relays on Saturday at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow.

The J1 team with Cal Deline, Christian Shanley and Max Scimgeour edged New England (Eli Hoenig, Sean Doherty and Paddy Caldwell) by 0.3 seconds in 16:43.5.

The Midwest took third (+9.1) with Sam Elfstrom, Adam Martin and Jan Ketterson.

In the OJ boys relay, Rocky Mountain won by the same narrow margin, 0.3 seconds ahead of Alaska. The winners were Charlie Von Thaden, Mike Vigers and Tucker McCrerey, and Alaska was second with Jack Novak, Stefan Hajdukovich and Forrest Mahlen. Intermountain finished third (+0.7) with Kevin Bolger, Akeo Maifeld Carucci and Sawyer Kesselheim.

Combined relay results




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JN: New England J2 Girls Edge AK; Alaskan Boys Win Relay

MIDWAY, Utah — New England pulled out a photo-finish victory on Saturday at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow, winning the J2 girls 3×3 k relay by two-tenths of a second over Alaska in 20:13.4.

Julia Kern anchored the New England team, which included Zoe Snow and Katharine Ogden. Alaska was led by Sarrisa Lammer, Taryn Hunt-Smith and Lydia Blanchet in second, and the Midwest was third with Racquel Wohlk, Vivian Hett and Alayna Sonnesyn (+31.4).

J2 girls relay results

In the boys J2 race, Alaska’s Tanner Ramey, Jacob Volz and Thomas O’Harra skied away from the pack to win in 17:57.3.

Intermountain placed second (+2.5) with Sam Miller, Peter Neal and Karten Hokanson. New England was third (+17.1) with Ben Hegman, Jack Elder and Koby Gordon.

J2 boys relay results

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JN: Kern and Blanchet Tie for J2 Girls Win; O’Harra Takes Boys’ 5k Classic

MIDWAY, Utah — The J2 girls’ individual-start 5 k classic came down to a tie for the gold medal between two repeat winners: Julia Kern (NE/Cambridge Sports Union) and Lydia Blanchet (AK/APUNSC). Timing is only carried out tenths of seconds in JN distance races; both girls clocked in at 15:01.4. Katharine Ogden (NE/Stratton Mountain School) took home the bronze 1.5 seconds behind the winners.

The boy’s 5 k was slightly less tight at the top; Thomas O’Harra (AK/APUNSC) clocked in 2.4 seconds ahead of Cully Brown (RM/Durango NSC) in a time of 13:31.4. Peter Holmes (FW/Tahoe XC) finished third 19.6 seconds back.

By the time the J2 boys’ went off beginning at 11:15 am MST, the snow had warmed under the sun and started to break up.

J2 Girls’ 5 k Top 10:

1. Julia Kern (NE/Cambridge Sports Union) 15:01.4

1. Lydia Blanchet (AK/APUNSC) 15:01.4

3. Katharine Ogden (NE/SMS) +1.5

4. Brooke Mooney (NE/SMS) +24.6

5. Jane Hoefler (AK/APUNSC) +31.0

6. Hanna Peterson (RM/Durango NSC) +33.0

7. Marte Kaakenstad-Braaten (Canada/Rocky Mountain Racers) +39.0

8. Hailey Swirbul (RM/Aspen Valley SSC) +39.2

9. Alayna Sonnesyn (MW/Sisu Ski Club) +41.8

10. Hannah Hardenbergh (RM/SSC Vail) +44.9

Girls’ live timing

J2 Boys’ 5k Top Ten:

1. Thomas O’Harra (AK/APUNSC) 13:31.4

2. Cully Brown (RM/Durango NSC) +2.4

3. Peter Holmes (FW/Tahoe XC) +19.6

4. Sam Miller (IM/Bridger Ski Foundation) +20.6

5. Jack Elder (NE/Cumberland Nordic Club) +23.6

6. Karsten Hokanson (IM/Wasatch Nordic Ski Academy) +24.9

7. Peter Neal (IM/Jackson Hole SC) +25.5

8. Matthew Muffoletto (AK/Alaska Winter Stars)

9. Ben Hegman (NE/Mansfield NC) +30.4

10. Koby Gordon (NE/SMS) +36.2

Boys’ live timing

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JN: Talbot Tallies OJ Victory; Morgan Top J1 in 10 k Classic

MIDWAY, Utah — Silas Talbot (NE/Dartmouth) posted the fastest time at Soldier Hollow on Friday, winning the OJ boys 10 k classic individual start in 25:45.5. A second-year OJ, it was his first victory at Junior Nationals.

Wednesday’s mass start winner, Ben Saxton (MW/Minnesota) placed second (+20.0) and Sam Reed (NE/UNH) was third (+30.0)

Cole Morgan (IM/Sun Valley) won the J1 boys 10 k classic title in 26:02.6. Paddy Caldwell (NE/Stratton) finished second (+45.3) and Cal Deline (RM/SSC Vail) was third (+46.0).

J1/OJ Boys Top 20

1. Silas Talbot (NE) OJ: 25:45.5

2. Cole Morgan (IM) J1: +17.1

3. Ben Saxton (MW) OJ: +20.0

4. Sam Reed (NE) OJ: +30.0

5. Mike Vigers (RM) OJ: +32.5

6. Kevin Bolger (IM) OJ: +35.4

7. Austin Meng (FW) OJ: +35.7

8. Tucker McCrerey (RM) OJ: +39.4

9. Alex Mahoney (Canada) OJ: +43.7

10. Charlie Von Thaden (RM) OJ: +55.7

11. Sawyer Kesselheim (IM) OJ: +56.1

12. Arnud Du Pasquier (RM) OJ: +57.8

13. Pat Caldwell (NE) J1: +1:02.4

14. Cal Deline (RM) J1: +1:03.1

15. Sean Doherty (NE) J1: +1:08.1

16. Reitler Hodgert (PN) OJ: +1:08.2

17. Adam Martin (MW) J1: +1:08.9

18. Scott Johanik (MW) OJ: +1:11.3

19. Forrest Mahlen (AK) OJ: +1:11.6

20. Kyle Bratrud (MW) OJ: +1:14.2

J1/OJ boys combined 10 k results


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