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I skied some intervals yesterday. They weren’t really what my training plan called for; I have been hoping to focus more on fast, short, intervals or on longer level three efforts this year, but the demands of work and family have made that difficult (or at least serve as a convenient excuse). So when I had the chance to go hard I chose a familiar way: level four intervals up Upper Osceola at the North End of Waterville Valley.

My memory (confirmed that afternoon by my training log) is that this should take a little over five minutes, even in slow snow. So I planned on doing five intervals. I got to the top and saw that my watch said 6:12. I knew I was taking the first one easy but this seemed impossible. So I tried to hammer the next one. 6:11. I added more wax, drank some Gleukos, and managed 5:47. I decided to try once more and managed to get to the top in 5:38. My pulse was a few beats above maximum, and I was exhausted.

I skied down to the bottom of the trail and met my wife, Heidi. Heidi had been pulling Iris (that cute baby at the top of the blog) for about half an hour and was ready to trade. I hooked myself to the Chariot and took off ahead. About 15 minutes later my wife, who was skiing with my 60-year-old mother, caught up with me. I was too exhausted to ski any faster than they do so we chatted as we made our way up the trail.

Finally, on a long downhill, I was able to pull away and finish my ski at a slightly faster pace. And today, skiing alone, I felt great, ready to take on the world. Last year I was 42nd in the classic race at Nationals. Can I do better this year? We’ll know in a couple days.

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