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January Track Workout

I doubt my blog silence has been noticed by many, what with Nationals going on, not to mention three U.S. women on podiums in different stages of the Tour de Ski, but it seems I do still have a blog! I was home in New Hampshire for three weeks, and got to see lots of family and friends. And despite the weather (Kris and I summitted Sandwich Dome on Christmas Day, and there was no white stuff to be seen) I managed to get in about 20 hours on snow.
Now that I am back in Holland, this has given me the answer to a question I have had for some time: just how many days of all skiing does it take before the return to running is all sore muscles and excruciating pain? Turns out the answer is somewhere south of 10 days 🙁
Anyway, sore – and jetlagged – or not, I headed to Leiden on Wednesday for a workout with my club. It shouldn’t have been too bad: 8 times 600 meters in around 1:50, but it beat me up pretty good. It is also, as best I can remember, the first track workout I have ever done in the month of January. I will be doing my first ever February track workout in a couple of weeks.
Before that though, I will be running my third cross country race of the century. The second was about a month ago, in the town of Baarn, where I ran a disappointing 33:36 in the mud. I convinced myself I could have run 30 seconds faster and contended for the win with proper spikes, so while I was in the U.S. I bought some, and in a week we will find out if I was right. Stay tuned!

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