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In my last post I promised an update after the Loon Mountain Race. But in the couple days after the race I was away from internet and by the time I had the chance to post I didn’t have much to write. Basically the only drama was whether I would finish in 3rd or 4th place (well, I did wonder a bit if Noah Hoffman would crack hard, but that was a silly thought). And by about a third of the way through the race 3rd place seemed unlikely – and by 40 minutes into the the one hour race it was clearly impossible. And nearly as unlikely was getting caught from behind. I ended up 4th, about a minute behind 3rd and a minute clear of 5th, and solidly in first place for the 40+ age division. I was a little slower than two years ago on nearly the same course, but the course this year was slower due to water and washouts. Overall, it was a very meh kind of day.
Yesterday I went for another sort of mountain run – a Presidential Range traverse, with Kris, Noah, and Andrew Drummond. I have done this twice at hiking pace, most recently 19 years ago with Kris and one of my high school friends. It was a solid run, about 6:15 for 21 or 22 miles of some of the most rugged terrain you will find in New England. We summited each of the five highest mountains in New Hampshire (and New England) along with two other official 4000 footers. I still don’t carry a camera or smartphone, but you can check out pics and more info on the hike on Noah’s blog.

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