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How cold?

This morning when went I went skiing at 11 AM it was -25 Celsius, or -39 Celsius with the windchill. Needless to say, the race which my athletes were planning on attending was cancelled.

Instead, a dozen of us went for two hours, and avoided frostbite with some solid bushwacking. I may need a new pair of classic skis, turns out there are rocks involved with bushwacking…

Oh Canada!

Some sweet face-ice... nothing like a good ski below -20 to make your beard grow icicles

Face- Ice Pros and Cons


– it means you have a rad beard

– you look intense

– if its cold enough for face-ice, it’s probably cold enough that you were able to ski

– athletes ask you if you can include “beard-growing to skills we develop at practice”

– hair and ice covers up lots of skin, reducing wind burn


– there is a gigantic icicle hanging off your face

– small children and women are afraid of you (the children part may in fact be a pro…)

– older adults chirp you about “growing a Santa Claus beard”

– ice can freeze your beard to your buff/balaclava, making it difficult for other people to see your facial expressions. it’s also difficult to clean off your face after your ski, even with a scraper

I like intense. I think I’ll keep the beard for a little while longer.

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