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Running: It’s Rad

Monday, April 25th, 2011

First of all, it’s easy. Can you put one foot in front of the other? Yes? Okay, now do it a little faster, and you’re running. You don’t have to be good at it, you just do it.

You don’t need coordination; you don’t need skill; you don’t need a stick, ball, bat, skates, mask, club, net, pads, lines, goals. Shit, you don’t even need friends, although sometimes they do come in handy, especially when running in rural settings with many angry dogs.

You can go from pure couch-sitting nacho-eating debauchery to physical activity in 60 seconds. Just slap on some shoes, shorts, maybe a shirt if that’s your thing, and you’re out the door.  You need shoes, shorts, and a little willpower to get out the door. You don’t need to drive anywhere, pack anything, put any stupid little shoes on, pay money, wear a helmet, or organize. You’re practically out the door before you can make excuses as to why you shouldn’t be going running.

Second, for me, it’s the last true disconnect. Because of what I do, I find myself sitting in front of my computer a lot at home. There is a TV, a radio, a cell-phone, and all manner of fun things to distract me. Partly distracting me from doing work, but also just from thinking.

When I’m running, I’m unplugged. There is no email to check, no text messages to receive, no SportsCenter to watch, iTunes to listen to, or Faces to book. The fact that no one can contact me when I’m out there is probably the single greatest draw. It’s not that I’m insanely popular, and that I’m overwhelmed with people wanting to talk to me – I have an average amount of emails and phone calls, but I’m addicted to checking to see whether I have anything new.

Running prevents me from doing those things unnecessarily. If I counted the number of times I checked Facebook and my email while writing this blog and found nothing it would be embarrassing.

Oh, and lastly, why I run right now, in the month of April? Because if I don’t, Sunday, May 29th will be the most painful day of my life, but that’s a story for another day…

This has nothing to do with running, but it is what happens when you leave for a month and your potatos try to escape