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So, who is this Kieran Jones, and why do they think they can post on MY, you ask. First of all, let’s clear one thing up. My name is Kieran – it’s Irish, and a male name. I am a dude. I’ve had at least one prospective employer think otherwise, and I know it happens, but I am a dude. Full stop.

I’m also Canadian – that means dog sleds and igloos, and a National Ski Team that kicks yours to the curb every time the Nations Ranking comes out on the World Cup, but I’m not overly obsessed about that – I happen to be on the side of ‘friendly trash talk’ when it comes to Canada and the US, rather than open hostility.

Born and bred in a small town just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, I must admit that the first time my parents introduced me to skiing, I was less than enthused. Or to put it more bluntly, I hated it. I wasn’t down with being outside, working hard, being cold, and not hanging out with most of my friends, who didn’t cross country ski, but instead played Ninentdo 64. Which makes it kind of ironic that I now make my living based solely on cross country skiing. The only way it could be more ironic would be if I was a triple Olympic medalist making the big bucks winning Crystal Globes. But don’t worry, I’ve accepted the fact that ain’t gonna happen – I’m retired.

Retired from what, you ask? If you ask some of my ski friends, a whole lot of mediocre at best skiing. I raced competitively from the time was 10 or 11, to the time was 22. I raced for a club, Nakkertok Nordic, I raced for my high school, Almonte and District High School, I raced for a post-secondary education, University of Waterloo. In that time I went to countless Ontario Provincial Cup races, Ontario High School Races, Ontario University circuit races, and Canadian Nationals a grand total of five times. I qualified for pretty much nothing, won roughly zero medals of note, but damn if I didn’t have a good time doing it.

And I still have a good time at it. I am now the assistant coach for a very enthusiastic group for what are called ‘Learn 2 Compete’ athletes at Nakkertok. Roughly 30 athletes between the ages of 13 and 17 and I are out, 4 days a week, throwing down some good sessions. I have some qualifications (not a ton), but I’m working at it.

What I hope to do is bring you posts on a variety of things, mostly ski-related. Aside from coaching and writing, I dabble in running races, climbing things, and sample a lot of coffee. Also, I felt my coworker Nat Herz was running away with the blog show, and I couldn’t let his cyclo-cross success steal the blog limelight.

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