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August Update

Monday, September 1st, 2008

August has been a good month.  Here’s a summary of what happened:

July 28-Aug 3

We kicked off a six-week block of intensity focused training, adding a few more intensity workouts to the plan and reducing the volume.  Early in the week I did a 90 sec max test on a 500m uphill V2 section.  Usually we record time and lactate and compare to previous results.  I had a malfunction with my watch on the 1st trial so Erik had me go down and do another.  It was much harder the second time around as my legs were still flooded with lactate from the first round, and to top it off, my watch didn’t work the second time either.  So, no conclusive data.  Oh well, just had to finish off the workout with 5x2min sprint pace V2 uphill.  Day two of the week was five repeats of bounding on a closed loop we use frequently at L4 pace (think 10km race pace).  I was happy to set some of my best times of the summer and finish off the workout with a PR on my last interval.  Later in the week, we did another APU favorite, 2 sets of 5x1min double-poling uphill at sprint pace. After having done this workout several times now, I’ve gotten smarter with my pacing and improved my technique.  We finished off the week with a rollerski race.  It’s called the Potter Valley hill climb and it’s a 3km out and back flat combined with a 3km climb.  I took the lead from the start and hammered the flat section.  I was feeling pretty good through the first kilometer of the climb but then the wheels started to fall off and I struggled over the second half.  Kristina Strandberg and Laura Valaas were charging hard and I was just able to hold them off with a surge over the last 500m.  I finished 9 seconds off my PR, and after a week with so much intensity, I was pretty happy.  On Sunday we flew into the glacier for camp number four of the summer.

Aug 3 – Aug 10

GLACIER CAMP!!  It was a great camp.  A few more intensity sessions.  Hard snow, soft snow and new snow, with 12″ falling on the last day.  Pictures are worth a thousand words:

After seven days of skiing we were all psyched to fly down and start a rest week.

Aug 11 – Aug 17

REST WEEK!!  The summer Olympics are on, enough said.  Spent most of the week on the couch, glued to the TV.  Jeff and I did manage to get out for a long run adventure with Lars Flora and Kristina Strandberg.

Post 3.5 hour run we ingested a lot of calories and watched more Olympics.

Aug 18 – 24

Back to lots of intensity.  Monday am double-pole sprint work, pm threshold pace work.  Tuesday am bounding, pm strength.  Wednesday recovery bike ride and babysitting (what hard work!).  Thursday am speedwork, pm classic distance.  Friday am 90 sec max test and threshold pace, pm strength.  Saturday we did a rollerski race.  It was two races combined for an overall time.  The first race was a 4km “classic race.”  My teammate Katie Ronsee and I double-poled it on skate rollerskis.  Then a 2 hr break before a 1km skate sprint around a 400m paved speed skating oval.  Good simulation of a sprint day!

Aug 25 – Aug 31

The intensity is adding up, body is getting tired.  We went through a similar week to the one before, but now the body is one week more tired.  Bounding on Tuesday felt like trying to run away from a giant rubber band.  Thursday’s speed was missing the final gear.  Friday morning’s skate intervals were hard and heavy, yet surprisingly fast.  Then early Saturday morning travel down to Whistler, BC to join the rest of the US Ski Team for a 10 day camp.

Took today, Sunday, as an easy day to let my body absorb the training and get ready for a good week of testing the body out at the Olympic venue.  Went for a short run with my friend Taz, had to detour our route for a “toad migration.”  (Sorry I don’t have a picture for you!)

I will try to be a bit more diligent about updates in September 🙂