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The Canmore Alliance

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

While many of my other US teammates are at a camp in Lake Placid this week, I decided to work on some foreign relations.  On Sunday, I traveled down to Canmore, Alberta for a week-long training camp with Chandra Crawford. Even though we hail from different countries, we both share the goal of North American domination on the World Cup.

So far Chandra has been an excellent host!  She met me at the airport with smoothie in hand and zipped us off to Canmore in her snazy Pink clad Prius.  The first night we sat down to work out the week’s training.  I brought a plan from Alaska and together with her coach Arlid Monsen we melded our two plans together to include mutliple intensity sessions to practice our high speeds together.

Monday was officially day one.  We did a strength session together in the morning.  Chandra did her plan and I did mine for the first half, and then we met halfway through for some roller board reps and core exercises together.  Even though we did things a little differently, I found it super motivating to work out side by side.  In the afternoon, following a 2.5 hour nap, we met up with Arlid for a run with poles that included a 30 minute segment of natural intervals.  Arlid gave us some good technique advice and overall it was a great run.

Ski striding w/ KikkaChan

North American Domination!

Day two was a little more challenging.  During our skate intervals in the morning, the rain poured more and more as we went.  We took turns leading the intervals.  Being able to follow Chandra was both a nice break from the wind, and also a good chance to watch her movements.  She is a fantastic flats and overspeed skier and I learned a lot.  As soon as we finished the last interval we booked it back home.  A hot shower never felt so good!  The afternoon workout was similar to the day before, except 20 minutes of natural intervals.  Chandra had a recovery session so we warmed up together and then I took off on my interval.  Then we met up for the cool down.  On the way home, I got the scenic tour.  Canmore is a pretty incredible place!  We finished off the evening with a sushi dinner in town and then a movie in Banff.  It’s great that we can hammer each other in training and then still have fun as friends hanging out after!

That brings us to today.  We have a easy classic roller ski on the plan for this morning.  Although as I look out the window, a light dusting of snow has fallen, so we may have to change our plans.  Following training we are looking forward to massages and then a yoga class.  I’ve never done yoga, so this should be fun!

More reports to follow from the rest of the week.  Promise!