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Cross-country goes to Hollywood

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Earlier this week I traveled down to Hollywood with several other US Ski and Snowboard athletes to participate in a video and film shoot with NBC and the USOC.  The purpose of the trip was to give the media a better chance to get to know the athletes that are hoping to represent the US at the 2010 Olympics.  For a full day, 8am to 6pm, every 20 minutes was scheduled with video interviews, film and photo shoots, and hair and make-up touch-ups through out.  Here are some shots from the day:




It was great to be able to share our sport with those that just think of it as just something “really hard.”  And a good reminder that Olympic medals will be on the line in just under nine months!

Afterward I headed up to Bend, OR to join the rest of the US Cross-country ski team for an on-snow camp.  Yesterday we enjoyed a great two hour classic ski under a hot sun.


I’ll just be in Bend for a couple more days before I head over the pond to Dubrovnik, Croatia for the FIS Athlete Commission meeting, fullfilling my first duties as the women’s cross-country representative.

Happy trails!


Nice to be back

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I am going to echo Andy’s comments and say that it is good to be back in a training rhythm.  After spending the previous week in Hawaii, finishing the last hurrah of the ’09 season recovery period, I returned to Anchorage at 5am on Monday morning and set right to training for the 2010 season.

The week looked something like this:

Monday – Testing.  Classic rollerski 1km repeats, one at threshold, one a little faster and the final one all out.  Felt a little funky to be back on rollerskis again, especially when I snapped one of my rollerski shafts during the warm-up.  Collected some good values on time and lactate, giving the coaches and I a good baseline to work from.

Tuesday – Crust skiing.  Drove a hour south of Anchorage and hit up a great two hour skate ski with 20 of my APU teammates.   We threw in a few 10 sec pick-ups while skiing in formation and hit a few tele turns on the way back.  In the evening the team met up for a sweet trail run and then a BBQ at Coach Erik’s house to discuss the plans for the upcoming year.

Wednesday – Another testing day.  Trying out a new route.  1 hr uphill threshold test, skate rollerskiing.  15km for the women, 18km for the men.  Really had to pace myself over the first half to conserve enough energy for the final 20 min of steep climbing.  Legs haven’t burned that bad for a while!!  Afternoon strength session, first one in a few weeks, careful not to start off with too much weight.  Finished off the night by giving a motivational speech to a middle school National Jr. Honor Society crowd.

Thursday – Crust skiing again.  Headed off toward Spencer glacier this time.  Clear blue sky.  Cruised at a solid distance pace and scoped out some new territory.  Fun to ski in the sun!   In the afternoon we met as a team for a distance double-pole on rollerskis.  The guys skied together and the girls skied together.  Nice to ski in a train and work together as a group!

Friday – Crust ski.  Left town at 7am.  Got a little separated from the group and skied with Jeff and Ben up onto Center Ridge.  A giant playground of crust, rolls and nice slopes for tele turns.  Could have skied up there for hours!  Took a long nap in between sessions.  PM workout was 5×4 min bounding/ski walking intervals, threshold mostly.  Made it up to the top of “Flattop Mountain” and then glisaded down the snow.

Saturday – Volunteered at a local kids race and  foreran all the girls races.  Those youngsters are surprisingly fast!!  Signed a few posters and posed for some pictures with the silver medal, and then jumped in the car with Ben and headed south.  The team had just finished their 3hr OD as we got started.  1.5 hours of DP’ng along the bike trail followed by a hour hike up to the top of Bird Ridge.  Back down in 35 min (legs are sore the next day!).  Total time 3 hrs.  Took a quick, and very chilly, dip in stream on the way home.

Sunday – Day off.

This was our traditional APU start up camp week.  A good kick in the pants for the new training season!  We lucked out with some beautiful weather, up close to the 70’s F.   My camera died in Hawaii last week in the waves, so sorry for no pictures this time.

Now we’ll settle back in to our regular training rhythm with a few team sessions a week and some workouts on our own.

Until next week… go for it!