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I just finished up (well ok, it’s been a few days) my second glacier training camp of the summer.  It was another great week of volume training with a few interval sessions thrown in.  The pisten bully was working great this time around and the skiing was pretty sweet, minus the ash.  Cleaning off gritty klister is a pretty interesting experience!

Here are some photos:


A shot of the helicopter for the trip up.  A rare blue sky day, no hiking, yay!


The trip up was sweet, just a little too short.


A view of the trail. The ash was mostly bladed off the course with the pisten bully.


Getting some work done while chillin’ in my new compression recovery suit.

On Friday evening I left the camp a little early to get back to town for my good friend Tara Hamilton’s wedding.  It was hard to leave the glacier with the chance to ski a few more days, but it was really great to be there to celebrate with Tara on her big day.  (Tara and I were roommates at the three world juniors we both attended).  Tara and Wes had a sweet Alaskan wedding at an old historic mine area.  Here are some pictures:



I have one more glacier camp on tap this summer, a few weeks from now in August.  Until then, it’s back to work with plenty of dryland training.  I’ve got one more big week to finish off and then I can enjoy a recovery week to let my body absorb the last eight weeks.  Wahoo!


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