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The summer is flying by and now it’s just a few days until I head to New Zealand to join my US Ski Team mates for a 3-week on snow camp. I haven’t been to NZ for several years now and I am definitely getting excited to visit the Snow Farm again. Word is conditions are good and all the trails are open. Wahoo!

Some new skis arrived in the mail yesterday, hand picked in Europe by Zach Caldwell at the Fischer factory. New Zealand will be a great chance to test new equipment. We will be doing mostly skiing down there but I will also bring a pair of roller skis in case I need a break from the snow.

My training has been going really well so far this summer. I’ve logged a lot of good hours and have notched several PR’s on my regular interval courses. Things seem to be headed in the right direction.

Well, it’s a nice day outside. Going to head out and soak in a little more sun before I head down to winter.


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