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Life is good training in Silver Star

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

In preparation for the upcoming World Cup races in Canmore, I am in Silver Star, BC for a 10-day altitude training camp. Joining me here in Silver Star are Kate Arduser, Taz Mannix, Laura Valaas, Anders Haugen and James Southam, all APU athletes that will also be competiting in the Canmore World Cups. My fiance (Jeff Ellis) is also here, rehabilitating his fractured shoulder and training with us. The conditions are amazing with tons of snow and perfectly groomed trails. Life is good for a cross-country ski racer. �




Off to Russia…

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007


Wanted to post a little something before we vanish off into the Russian wilderness!

It’s been a good week of preparation in Davos.  Lots of new snow and a couple good workouts to get the body fired up.  Yesterday I did some speed with Chandra.  We took turns leading in the soft conditions and practiced all types of terrain.  On our cool down we hiked about 200m up an alpine run to take some sweet tele turns  in the powder on the way down.  Very fun!  In the evening we did a classic ski by the light of our headlamps.  She had a Scandinavian built Silva and I had a Petzl.  It was interesting to compare the two types.  Both emit totally different beams.

Now we’re spending the night in Munich before catching a charter flight to Rybinsk tomorrow.  I had a good trip in Russia last year and I look forward to another exciting experience!  I will post a story when I get back into communication on Sunday or Monday.



Arriving in Paradise

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Although I only spent a little over a week in Northern Scandinavia this year, I was still incredibly excited to leave and get back to the sun and daylight in Central Europe. On Monday morning we departed from Kuusamo and spent most of the day traveling to get to Davos, Switzerland. Our flight was delayed in Helsinki due to heavy snow and we had to sit on the runway for an extra hour before taking off. So the travel took much longer than anticipated. Highlights of the day included my first experience chatting with the Japanese girls and finishing the book, The Greatest, a biography about Haile Gebrselassie. Upon arriving in Zurich we piled into a rented van and station wagon and drove the two hours to Davos. I finally crawled into bed at 11pm, very tired, and had a deep night of sleep.