Wild Rumpus Sports

Training in Maine

A few weeks ago I had a good camp in Presque Isle Maine. There were two focal intensity workouts. The first was a one hour threshold skate with 8 two hundred meter sprints meant to simulate preems. It felt like I was skiing on a closed course with all the cones and signs Sweetser set up for the workout. Russel Currier set a good initial pace and we switched off leading throughout. Welley put up a good fight in one of the early preems.

The second intensity was a 6×5 min threshold bounding workout that Welley joined me for. I didn’t know that Presque Isle had a quality bounding route like the one we used. Overall I enjoyed my training in Maine. Rollerskiing through rolling farmland was a particularly nice change of pace. The new restaurant in town that serves quality espresso was nice surprise as well.

L3 with Preems

3 Hour Double Pole

Bounding with Welley