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Today I went for my first ski since I got home from Tahoe. I skinned up the alpine slope in ideal corn snow with perfect sunny skies overhead. I felt lousy though. I have barely slept the last few days as I have been trying to reconcile with a new situation. I will no longer be a member of the US Ski Team. I was told that even though I am extremely likely to be representing the US at the Olympics in February, I was not nominated for NGB support because there was little probability of my medaling next year. Despite this assumption the Maine Winter Sports Center and my longtime coach still believe in my potential. We will continue to prepare for Sochi on our own.




  1. Todd Eastman says:

    Chris, you are a huge talent and will likely be in a good position to do well in the Olympics. Focus on that and don’t worry about all the WC stuff leading up to February. You will be well honed and ready to rip when it counts.

    I wish the best to your coach, the MWSC, and you as you put together this phenomenal next season.

    Now git-er-done!

  2. Sorry to hear that this has stressed you out. Funding and insurance is hard to deal with, but I’m sure you can resolve those problems. There must be a good side to this. You can now do what is perfect for Chris Freeman without consideration for the schedule or plans of the USST. I for one believe that you still have at least one great ski in you, and that with what in my opinion is flawed logic on the part of the USST to use for motivation, you will accomplish great things next year. Work hard, have fun, and do great things.


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