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Mad Triathlon

I started training again on May 1st. I have started conservatively with 20 non-specific hours the first week. If you follow me on twitter you would have seen a few of the activities that I have been doing. If you want to follow me on twitter I am @TeamFreebirdXC

Here are some pictures

XC skiing does not help maintain leg speed. Justin enjoyed hurting me during some speed work last week.

This a picture of Amber and I skinning on Mt Sunapee

I was able to skin at Waterville Valley till May 1st. Here is a picture of me holding my Fischer Watea Tele skis. Fischer, Alpina, and Swix have all pledged their continued support for me through next season. I have great sponsors.

I was skiing on the 1st and swimming on the 3rd. I don’t know why but every year that I have swum at least two hours a week in the off season I have skied fast. Its anecdotal but good enough for me.

I raced and won the Mad Triathlon in SugarBush Vermont yesterday which includes a six mile downriver kayak. The “Triathlon” actually has four events. It starts with a 7.2 mile downhill run followed by the kayak, a ten mile road bike hill climb and finishes with a 5k trail run. It is a cool event that used to be know as the SugarBush Triathlon. They renamed it two years ago when they lengthened the initial run and swapped out their traditional 5k ski for a 5k trail run. I have wanted to compete in the race for about 15 years but it had not fit in my schedule till this year.




  1. Kris:

    When I was skinning at Waterville toward the end of April, I saw tracks that looked like someone was doing V1 up (a trail that was steep enough that it was a challenge to skin)–was that you and was that in-fact the workout you were doing?