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On Track

Training in New Hampshire has gone very well so far this Spring. I have hit all of my goals for the first six weeks of training. Admittedly training goals are the easiest to hit at this time of year but none the less. Sunday I head up to Presque Isle for my first training camp away from my condo in NH. It will mark a change in focus towards more specificity.

I will be thirty-three years old in October, but my body still responds very fast to training and I have been recovering quickly from a fairly high load. I have been looking over my last several years of racing and my last two seasons have been subpar. However in 2011/2012 I scored the most world cup points of my career. Being only two years removed from what could arguably be called my best season, I believe that my best races are ahead of me and I plan to race at least through the 2015 WC in Falun Sweden. I have great support from my industry sponsors (Fischer, Swix, Alpina) and I still love ski racing.

No retirement for me… just a recovery day

I have been asked several times what my insulin dosing was for the 50k in Tahoe this Spring. For most races I run the same amount of insulin from the start to finish of a race but the 50k is a different beast. Because of the long duration of the event I completely deplete my glycogen stores. Thus I need less insulin in my blood as the race progresses. I started the race with a high (for me) basal rate 0f 0.8 units per hour in order to keep my topped off glycogen stores from raising my blood sugar. For the second hour of the race I had my OmniPod insulin pump programmed to lower my basal rate to 0.6 units. At two hours my Pod lowered the basal rate once more to 0.4 units which is the dose I finished on. Throughout the race I took 13 planned four ounce feeds. I started the race with a blood-sugar of 170 and finished at 140.