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Stelvio II

Training has continued to go very well on the Stelvio glacier. The MWSC, Noah, and I are staying at the Livrio Hotel at the foot of the glacier which allows us to ski out the door each day. Though isolated it is easy to take the tram down to our van and drive down to lower altitudes and civilization. Here are some pictures of me running through Bormio.


Bormio Run II

The food is better than one would expect at 10,000 feet but only three meals a day is a little light for xc skiers putting in up to five hours of training a day. Will Sweetser has been making frequent trips to the grocery store so that we can have five meals. I’m pretty sure that Noah has been eating about half of the food that Will buys for the six athletes he is supporting. I witnessed him eating an entire bucket of jam with wassa crackers two days ago. His appetite is staggering. Speaking of Noah, his documentation of our trip puts mine to shame and you should check his blog out at

The weather and snow conditions have been fantastic and very “un-glacier” like. Hard tracks makes for fast skiing and the bright sun has necessitated some serious sunscreen. I have taken to putting on copious amounts of zinc based protection twice a day.


To get up to the training loop we have to ski up a “gradual” alpine hill for 15 minutes. It is quite the “warm-up”


Uphill II

Overall I have been very happy with how the camp has gone. We have the most comfortable lodging I have ever had on a glacier (the coffee bar is key.) The snow conditions have been fantastic and Will has done a great job of ski prep so that we can focus on recovery in between sessions. I have been adapting well to the relatively extreme altitude. My oxygen saturation numbers have increased from 92% to 95% over the last week and my heart rates return to normal with planned rest. I have four more days of volume training here before I fly home and and begin sharpening for the start of the season with a return to an intensity focus.

On November 5th I travel to Muonio Finland to start the competitive season. Its always freezing there so I am excited to try out Oakley’s Pro Rider clothing. Last year it was a long walk to the dining hall in nothing but a thin puffy.