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First Entry

I arrived in Whistler on July 17th to execute my first intensity block of the training year with my coach Zach overseeing my workouts.  The training load wasn’t too high.  I averaged three hours a day and I have done  four hard workouts.   On the 19th I rollerski skated  5×5 minute L3 intervals on the new rollerski loop on the Olympic Venue.  That was followed by a 12k natural interval bounding session on the Olypic 5k classic course on the 21st.   I won an uphill 4k running timetrial with the Canadian development team on the 24th and I did a 30k pursuit timetrial with Dan Roycroft the 25th.  I felt better and faster each day through the week.  That was the plan.  I traveled home yesterday and I will settle back into some less intense volume training.