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2012 Unofficial Birkie Guide Website Launched

For the past two years, Ari Ofsevit has published an unofficial guide to the American Birkebeiner in the form of of a blog post. The guide provided all sorts of useful information, from logistics to trail updates.

This year Ari has raised the bar, creating a dedicated website for the run-up to the 2012 Birkie.

“I’ve fleshed out the blog post in to a more-full-blown website,, which should help new skiers navigate the maze and old skiers chuckle about wave start times and rutted hills,” Ofsevit said. “In other words, I have a severe case of the fever. And I’m trying my best to be contagious.”

“As race day nears, I’m keeping tabs, daily, on the long-range forecast and posting the ‘weather speculation’ on the site. I’m also keeping an eye on changes to registration, start times and trail closures and posting them as they come about, as well as anything else pertinent,” he said.

Ofsevit’s guides of the last two years were dubbed “remarkably good,” by the notorious JohnnyKlister, and the bar has been raised this time around.

Check it out at