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Summer 2010 Recap! 8 Races and Two Hiking Tours in the Alps and beyond!

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Nina’s summer has finally come to an end. Her last race was run yesterday, a steep uphill that followed an old “funicular” track in Valais, Switzerland- Km Vertical-Fully. Fitting that it is time to turn towards the upcoming ski season becuase it just started snowing here in Chamonix.

Her training with Adam of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine has been going super well and her race times reflect that. She is up to 15 minutes faster in some races compared to last summer. Here’s a quick run down on what Nina tackled this summer:

1. The North Face of Saillon Mt. Bike Race, 15 may (20 km at 1:11.28). This was one of Nina’s first mountain bike races in a while and I told her to take it easy and just don’t crash. It went super well and was fun; on the last turn on a flat road to the finish she biffed it in gravel and needed stitches from a chainring gouge. The kids raced too and won medals!

The Boys first Bike Race!

At the finish! Whew!

2. Mont Blanc Summit, 4,810 m, 24 may, (3526 m in 10 hrs.) In an attempt to fill the empty feeling of the end of the ski season, Nina did not hesitate at the idea of climbing and skiing Mont Blanc in a day from town. In around 8 hours Nina and two friends climbed up from the tunnel at 1,274 m. That’s 3536 meters of up! Total up and down took about 10 hours.

Almost to the summit of Mont Blanc, almost 16,000ft. Julie and I ran into World Champion Kilian Jornet along the way.

Almost to the summit of Mont Blanc, almost 16,000ft. Julie and I ran into World Champion Kilian Jornet along the way.


3. Iron Terrific, Multisport-athlon, 12 June ( 5th place, 6:54:58, 60.3km with 2560 m up). This was a crazy event in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. You start by mountain biking up the mountain, then mt. run, then ski tour up to a glacier, then a nordic skate loop, then ski down, then run down, then mt. bike down, then swim in a lake, then road bike TT, then a road run, et voila!

Training for the Terrific- Lac Passy, France

Lots of Gear to organize

4. Cross du Mont Blanc, 25 June ( 10th, 2:45:19,23 k and 1454 m+). This is a fun trail race around the Chamonix valley.

The finish at Brevent

The impressive glaciers of Mont Blanc behind Nina as she cruises the Cross du Mont Blanc

5. Gran Trail Valdigne, 10 July (2nd, 7:15:41, 47 km and 3100m+). This was Nina’s breakthrough race this summer where she finished 14th overall out of over 300 people and 2nd for the women. She had good sensations.

Grand Trail Valdigne traverse in the snow -2700m

Women's Podium

6. Sierre-Zinal, 8 August (18th, 3:50:03, 31Km and 2200m+). This is a traditional mountain race in above with many majestic 4000m peaks looming overhead while racing. Nina was 30 min faster than when she raced this in 2008.

Sierre-Zinal 2010. Great mountain weather!

Technical terrain up high

7. Ovronnaz-Cabane Rambert, 5 Sept. (3rd sen. women, 1:21:17, 1350 m+). This was her second year at this hill climb above the resort town of Ovronnaz. She ran over 14 minutes faster this year than in 2009!

At the top!

Winning Cheese on the Podium!

8. Trail des Aiguilles Rouge, 26 Sept. (2nd place, 8:31:02, 53 km, 3900m+). Nina’s hometown race. Her running club organizes it. She finished 30 minutes faster than in 2009!

Wintry Conditions to her favor!

Smiling at the finish!

9. Hasetsune, 10 Oct.(5th, 11:13:59, 71.5km, 4200+m+). Nina was invited to race at this trail run in the mountains outside Tokyo, Japan and jumped at the opportunity. A little tired from all her summer’s racing she held onto 3rd place most of the way, until the last 10 k. It was the toughest race this summer with a surprising amount of climbing. A very fun experience!

Nina with team Hoka One One at the start

10. Vertical Kilometer of Fully, 23 Oct. (20th, 47:51, 1000m +). Nina was anxious about this one. She was tired from two big ultra runs last month, but wanted to test herself for the upcoming ski season. It was a fun, but hard, race with a great ambiance–tons of people with cowbells lining the entire track, which was an old fenicular with the tracks and the big metal rollers that the cable rested on still there.

The start of Km Vert (the flattest part!)

It's really vertical!

10. Traverse of the Bernese Oberland

Pause at a pass in Kandersteg Region

Wild Flowers with Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in distance

11. Tour de Mont Blanc,

Val Ferret, Italy

Riding up Col de Montets above Chamonix

Riding up Col de Montets above Chamonix

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Season Over–Operation Summer Training! May/June 2010.

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

With the Ski Mountineering season over and out, Nina jumped right into her training for next season. May was a “rest & recovery” month where Nina was supposed to relax while still getting out and having some fun. It was also a time to profit from her exceptional fitness from the season.

So the first thing she decided to do was ski again. This time up Mont Blanc.

Then a week or two later do a 7 sport event with ski mountaineering and skate skiing on a high glacier, as well as mt. biking, trail running, and lake swimming. It took almost 7 hours.

Oh yeah, a short mt. bike race in Switzerland was thrown in there.

And two trail running races in France.

This was writtern in June. However, just yesterday, Nina finished her summer season with her last running race. Overall, Nina had a great summer, training hard under the guidance of her new coach, Adam St. Pierre, from Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Adam is a multi sport athlete and coach with a strong background in nordic ski racing. Besides filling his position as coach and exercise physiologist at BCSM, he coaches the junior nordic program in Boulder. With the computer programs “Moves Count” and “Training Peaks”, Adam is able to coach Nina Virtually with great attention.

Riding up Col de Montets above Chamonix

Riding up Col de Montets above Chamonix

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