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Enjoying the great roads for riding here in Mallorca

Many teams head to find snow right about now, my family headed for sunshine and the sea. As the end of the guiding season in Chamonix hit, we headed for our fall family training camp in Mallorca, Spain in order to wind down from the summer and gear up for the ski mountaineering season here in Europe. I was side-lined this summer from serious trail running due to a hamstring injury, but simply fell in love with riding my bike, thanks to my husband. It also left me injury free- even better!  Mallorca is a great place to ride bikes, in the winter you may even run into some of the pro tour teams.

Enjoying the view from a col

Training with some of the local riders

This time of year it was perfect temps and not much traffic or crowds at all. The government has invested millions in the roads for bikes, which equally makes them equally great for roller skiing which is a nice change from where I live in France.

Click here for the little YouTube roller skiing vid my husband took of us!

Double poling with my lil' training partner by my side

The ski mountaineering season here in Europe is just 1 month away which is quite hard to believe as I have just come from 80 degrees and sunshine. The French National Sprints, which is my first big objective, is mid-december and then the ski mountaineering world cup season kicks off Jan 21 in Andorra. We also have another series of races called the La Grand Course (click on the link to see a video) This series consists of the 3 most classic ski mountaineering races- the longest, hardest and most mythical all done in a team of 2 or 3. The  French Pierra Menta, The Italian  Tour du Rutor and the  Swiss Patrouille des Glaciers. Training for these races is not much different than one would for x country skiing.  It is a long season, from early december to the end of april so it is important to pace yourself and get plenty of recovery. I may just pop down to Mallorca again for a mid-winter get-away!

My lil' training partners

It takes a little juggling with your partner  to get in some longer training sessions with a 5 and 7 year old, but we managed to do so which success. Not only did I log some good training volume in but even more importantly logged some good play time with the boys! These boys love to ride and run which makes it even more fun.

We both love Nuun! 🙂

I was lucky to hop on the wheel of  some really experienced riders and ride some of the great climbs. Be sure to check out the Strava app. to track your rides and runs. Here is the Strava data from one of my favorite rides.

Cap Formentor- A challenging ride

I am not sure how much riding I will be doing back in Chamonix. Next week on snow!  My ski mountaineering team heads to Cervinia, Italy for some early season snow training.

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  1. Michael Silitch Says:

    Way to go! Good luck this winter in the world cup!