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Geraghty-Moats keeps on Winning (Press Release)

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Tara Geraghty-Moats (center) remains steady for the win. Russia’s Stefaniya Nadymova (left) placed second and Germany’s Jenny Nowak (right) was third in Kingenthal Germany’s FIS NoCo Summer Grand Prix individual Gundersen NH/5k. (Photo:© Romina Eggert)

FIS Press Release 

A jump of 78 metres (112.4 p.) put her in the pole position for the race but Russian Stefaniya Nadymova was hot on her heels with a jump of 77.5 metres. A point total of 111.4 points only gave Geraghty-Moats a head start of four seconds and Nadymova the chance to truly pit her cross-country strength against the American.

Germany’s Jenny Nowak was also fully in the game after the jumping part. 77 metres and 111.2 points had her start just five seconds after the leader, making it a trio which could fight for the victory on almost equal footing. PCR winner Thea Minyan Bjørseth also showed 77 metres but with a weaker landing, she only accumulated 108.9 points and had to make up 14 seconds on the track.

Following 26, 29 and 34 seconds behind the leader were Austrian Lisa Hirner, and a Italian duo consisting of Daniela Dejori and Annika Sieff. Fast skier Anastasia Goncharova, who had a great jump during yesterday’s PCR could not follow up with the same level of jumping today and had to contend with a delay of one minute and eight seconds.

The cross-country race was another start – finish victory for Tara Geraghty-Moats but this time the gap to her pursuers was considerably shorter. Stefaniya Nadimova battled Jenny Nowak for the second place and again, the Russian prevailed but only in a photo finish this time. So in the end, the result was the same as in the individual event in Oberwiesenthal but with Nadymova and Nowak crossing the finish line only 21.9 / 22.1 seconds after Geraghty-Moats.

The fastest cross-country time of the day went to Anastasia Goncharova again. The Russian needed 13:01.0 to complete the 5 km and improved from position eleven to the final fourth rank, +36.9 after the winner. Lisa Hirner (AUT) and Ema Volavsek (SLO) were fifth and sixth.

In the overall standings, Geraghty-Moats leads with 200 points ahead of Nadymova (160) and Nowak (120).

Ski Jumping Results
Final Results
Overall Standings

FIS Nordic Combined World Cup in Otepää , Estonia

Monday, January 7th, 2019

American Taylor Fletcher in Otepää, Estonia on his way to 19th place in Sunday’s Individual Gundersen 10 k when he skied the fastest time of day. (Photo: screenshot)


FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Otepää, Estonia Day 1 Individual Gundersen 10 k

The Nordic Combined World Cup got back to jumping and skiing on Saturday in Otepää, Estonia for a two-day event.

Due to high winds on Saturday, jumping results from Friday’s provisional rounds were used to determine the start order for the ski portion of Saturday’s racing.

In Friday’s provisional round, Austria’s Franz-Josef Rehrl placed first, Norway’s Jarl Magnus Riiber second, and teammate Esen Bjørnstad third.

The 10 k ski race provided an opportunity for some reshuffling as the ski race shook out.

Ribber, who began the ski race three seconds behind first starter Rehrl, won the race in 23:18.1 minutes. Japan’s Akito Watabe, the fifth-placed jumper and starting with an 11 second penalty, skied himself into second place (+3.2). And ninth-place jumper, starting with a 46-second deficit, Austria’s Martin Fritz placed third (+5.0).

The U.S. Nordic Combined team had three athletes entered. Taylor Fletcher jumped to 45th but skied up to 30th place (+2:16.1). Fletcher skied the third fastest ski leg after starting 3:18 minutes back. Ben Loomis placed 38th (+3:26.5). Loomis began in bib 44, 3:14 minutes back when he started. Jasper Good jumped to 41st and a 2: 57 minute penalty. Good ended up 45th overall (+4:17.3). Jared Shumate jumped to 50th. He began the ski 3:42 minutes behind, and placed 46th (+4:28.6).

Saturday Results


Norway’s Jarl Magnus Riiber won both of the weekend’s races in Otepää, Estonia on the men’s Nordic Combined World Cup. (Photo:



FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Otepää, Estonia Day 2 Individual Gundersen 10 k

On day two in Otepää, Riiber scored the most points off the jump hill and went on to win the 10 k individual Gundersen in 22:31.1 minutes. Germany’s Johannes Rydzek was second (+20.9) after placing third in the jump and beginning the ski with a 36-second deficit.

Japan’s Watabe, the eighth best jumper, placed third overall (+43.6). Watabe began the race 49 seconds back.

American Fletcher jumped to 40th and began the ski portion 2:34 minutes back. On his way to skiing the fastest time on the day, Fletcher reeled in 21 skiers to place 19th overall, 1:17.9 minutes off the leader. Loomis was the next best American in 34th (+2:31.0) after jumping to 36th place. Good placed 42nd (+3:07.1) and was the 37th best jumper Sunday. Shumate jumped to 49th and placed 47th (+4:39.4) after the ski.

Sunday Results

Overall World Cup Results after Otepää

FasterSkier will be running an article later in the week on U.S. women’s NoCo skier Tara Geraghty-Moats.



Fletcher Earns First National Title in Placid; Hendrickson & Fairall Victorious

Monday, October 13th, 2014
Bryan Fletcher earned his first U.S. national title Sunday at the 2015 U.S. Ski jumping and Nordic Combined Nationals in Lake Placid, N.Y. The 28-year-old was able to hold off his younger brother, Taylor Fletcher, after having a strong jump that gave him a 1:36 advantage. Taylor, who earned the fastest rollerski time on the day finished second overall. Adam Loomis placed third.
“This is awesome! I’ve been chasing the national title for a while. I think that I’ve been third like four or five times. Every time, including last year, I was really disappointed with my jumping. I would have an amazing (roller ski) race, but still wind up in third place because I was quite a bit back,” Fletcher told USSA.
“I could feel him [Taylor] and I could see him on a couple of sections. There were a few places where we would pass each other going opposite directions, and every time he was inching a little bit closer, so that was a little bit nerve-racking. But in the end, even with him chipping away hard, I was getting more excited reaching the finish line and I came in hot,” he said.
There were two athletes in the women’s competition: Tara Geraghty-Moats, of Women’s Ski Jumping USA, who won and also placed third in the U.S. Ski Jumping Championships, and runner-up Gabby Armstrong.
The K95 U.S. Ski Jumping Championships also took place at Lake Placid’s Olympic Jumping Complex on Sunday, with Sarah Hendrickson winning her third national title and Nick Fairall winning the men’s competition for his second national title.
Hendrickson edged teammate Jessica Jerome with a second jump of 97.5 meters, according to a USSA press release. Fairall, who won the 2014 Olympic Trials last season, was tied with Anders Johnson through the first round, then leapt 100.5 meters on his second jump. The two competitions for first were the closest in recent nationals history. Will Rhoads placed third in the men’s comp.