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Win No. 2 for Adicoff; Masters Remains Undefeated; First Win for Cameron

Left to right: Americans Dan Cnossen, Oksana Masters and Aaron Pike after placing third, first and second in their respective cross-country events on Monday at the IPC World Cup in PyeongChang, South Korea. (Photo: Oksana Masters/Twitter)

After a rest day following two days of racing, the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) fourth weekend of World Cup racing continued Monday, March 13 in PyeongChang, South Korea, with the men’s and women’s cross-country sprint races. Complete recap and results below. 


Day 3

Six for six. That’s how many IPC cross-country races American Oksana Masters has entered and it’s also how many she’s won. After ending last season undefeated in cross-country races, Masters has continued her winning streak into the 2016/2017 season, taking her sixth cross-country title on Monday in the women’s sitting sprint.

Masters finished first in a time of 3:26.85, besting German Andrea Eskau’s second place time of 3:40.34. Belarus’s Lidziya Hrafeyeva took third in a time of 3:45.92.

Two more Americans competed in Monday’s sitting sprint, Kendall Gretsch, who made it to the finals and crossed fifth in a time of 3:56.12 and Joy Rondeau, who finished 11th in a time of 4:24.15.

An all-North American podium occurred in the men’s sitting sprint, with Canada’s Collin Cameron leading the way in first, finishing in a time of 3:06.08. The win was a career-first for Cameron, and one he won’t forget.

“It’s amazing. It is the best feeling of my life,” Cameron said according to a Canadian Para-Nordic Ski Team press release. “It’s nice to see my hard work in training, and experience from my last two sprint races this year, pay off with a victory here in PyeongChang.”

“I definitely built up a lot of confidence from my previous results in this event,” Cameron added. “Utilizing everything I have learned in those races to race smarter, and faster, it all paid off today.”

American Dan Cnossen took second, clocking in in a time of 3:04.73, while his teammate Andy Soule claimed third in 3:09.66.

Finishing fifth after making the final was American Aaron Pike, crossing in a time of 3:05.78. Two more Americans competed in Monday’s sprint, with Sean Halstead finishing 12th in a time of 3:21.28 and Bryan Price in 18th in a time of 3:31.55.

Chris Klebl was the top Canadian, crossing ninth in a time of 3:15.02. His teammates Sebastien Fortier finished 16th in a time of 3:28.32, Yves Bourque 23rd in a time of 3:42.16, and Ethan Hess in 24th in a time of 3:45.21.

Claiming second in the women’s standing sprint was Canada’s Emily Young, finishing in a time of 5:31.36. Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine finished ahead of Young, crossing in a time of 5:18.05. Her Ukrainian teammate, Liudmyla Liashenko took third, crossing in a time of 5:26.79.

Also competing for Canada were Brittany Hudak, who finished seventh in a time of 5:33.57, and Caroline Bisson, who finished in a time of 6:31.24 for 11th.

In the men’s standing sprint, it was Grygorii Vovchynskyi of Ukraine who took the win, crossing first in a time of 4:14.92. Japan’s Yoshihiro Nitta came in second, finishing in a time of 4:05.02. Ukrainian Ihor Reptyukh claimed the final spot in third, crossing in a time of 4:25.22.

American Ruslan Reiter was the top North American in the men’s standing division, finishing in 13th in a time of 4:50.47. Canada’s Louis Fortin finished 18th in a time of 5:23.92, while Canadian Andy Lin did not start.

In the women’s visually impaired sprint, Sviatlana Sakhanenka of Belarus won in a time of 5:16.07. Austrian Carina Edlinger claimed second in a time of 5:26.17, while Oksana Shyshkova of Ukraine took third in a time of 5:33.84.

American Mia Zutter was the only North American in that race and placed seventh in 6:48.54.

Earning his second-career victory, American Jake Adicoff crossed first in the men’s visually impaired sprint, clocking in in a time of 4:10.00. Yury Holub of Belarus crossed second in a time of 4:24.04. Rounding out the podium in third was Iurii Utkin of Ukraine, who finished in a time of 4:36.51.

Results: Women | Men


The fourth day of racing at the PyeongChang IPC World Cup included long-distance biathlon races on Tuesday, March 14.

Day 4

For her second-career biathlon win, Masters raced to first in the women’s 12.5-kilometer sitting biathlon race, finishing in a time of 51:55.8 after missing three shots (2+0+1+0). Germany’s Anja Wicker earned second in a time of 53:00.3 after shooting 100 percent, while her teammate Eskau finished third in a time of 53:19.1 with one miss (1+0+0+0).

Clocking in in a time of 1:09:37.1 for fifth was Rondeau, after missing seven shots (2+1+1+3).

After missing the podium in Monday’s cross-country sprint, Pike made his way into the top three, finishing second in the men’s 12.5 k sitting biathlon event on Tuesday. Pike clocked in at 54:32.8 after two misses (0+0+1+1). Ahead of Pike was Germany’s Martin Fleig, who won in a time of 52:22.8 after two missed shots (0+1+1+0).

Cnossen rounded out the podium, placing third after five misses (1+2+0+2) and covering the course in a time of 54:46.3.

Three more U.S. skiers completed the event, with Soule finishing seventh in 56:19.8 after six misses (2+2+1+1), Halstead 11th in a time of 59:31.5 after five misses (1+1+1+2), and Price 14th in a time of 1:00:42.8 after four misses (0+1+1+2).

Canadian Derek Zaplotinsky finished in 12th in a time of 1:00:02.8 after three missed shots.

Kononova reached the podium once again, finishing first in the women’s 12.5 k standing biathlon event in a time of 46:12.0 after three missed shots (2+0+1+0). Her Ukrainian teammate Liashenko took second, clocking in in a time of 47:19.5 after three misses (1+1+0+1).

Rounding out the all Ukrainian podium in third was Iryna Bui, finishing in a time of 49:36.1 after one miss (0+0+0+1). Just missing the podium in fourth was Canada’s Hudak, completing the course in a time of 50:54.9 after shooting clean.

Canada’s Mark Arendz claimed second once again, this time in the men’s 15 k standing biathlon event. Arendz completed the course in a time of 53:49.8 after one miss (1+0+0+0). Finishing ahead of Arendz was France’s Benjamin Daviet, who covered the course in a time of 52:07.7 after three missed shots (0+2+0+1).

Rounding out the third and final podium spot was Vovchynskyi of Ukraine, finishing in a time of 54:50.0, after missing one shot (0+0+0+1).

Moving up after placing second in the biathlon sprint was Shyshkova of Ukraine who won the women’s 12.5 k visually impaired biathlon race in a time of 48:16.6 after one missed shot (0+0+0+1). Her Ukrainian teammate Olga Prylutska, finished second in a time of 51:27.6 after missing three shots (1+0+1+1). German Clara Klug claimed the final podium spot in third shooting 100 percent and finishing in a time of 51:45.3.

American Zutter finished in fifth in a time of 1:07:50.6 with seven misses (2+2+2+1).

Ukraine’s Utkin once again reached the podium, this time snagging first in the men’s 15 k visually impaired biathlon event. Utkin covered the course in a time of 53:46.0 after shooting 100 percent. His Ukrainian teammate Iaroslav Reshetynskiy finished second, clocking in at 54:51.7 after one missed shot (0+0+1+0).

The third and final podium finisher in the event was Belarus’s Vasili Shaptsiaboi who completed the course in a time of 55:09.1 with three misses (1+0+2+0).

Results: Women | Men

— Gabby Naranja

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