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Welcome to FasterSkier’s Para Nordic blog, where we’ll do our best to keep you up to date on all things related to adaptive nordic skiing and biathlon across the globe. On the national-team level, nordic skiing includes both cross-country and biathlon, with races ranging from 2.5 to 20 kilometers in length depending on disability and gender, according to U.S. Paralympics.

“Paralympic Nordic skiing competition is open to male and female athletes with physical disabilities such as amputation/limb loss, blindness/visual impairment, spinal cord injury/wheelchair-users and cerebral palsy/brain injury/stroke,” U.S. Paralympics explains.

According to Cross Country Canada’s Para-Nordic program, “Para” derives from the Greek meaning (“beside” or “alongside”).

“The current use of the term stems from the Paralympics which refers to being the ‘parallel’ Games to the Olympics,” CCC writes. “The IPC does not formally use the term ‘Para-Nordic.’ Canada has adopted the term which means ‘parallel’ Nordic sport to indicate how it exists side by side with able-bodied Nordic sport.”

Photo: James Netz

Photo: James Netz

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