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Bad Bad Day, Good Good Days

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Training has been a mixed bag for me lately. Of course, in the big picture, it has all been good, because it has all been very productive. But this time of year, this month before the floodgates are thrown open and the roiling chaos that is the ski racing season comes surging forth, is littered with incredibly hard workouts. And this means bad days.

In the summer, a really difficult workout might be so because of its length. Or because it includes a sport that doesn’t feel totally natural. Or maybe even due to a combination of length and pace. But October with APU (and nearly every other club/team I’m sure) is crammed full of workouts that are just straight up painful, as many of you are probably experiencing right now.

These hard workouts that require tons of effort really seem to magnify how your body feels, at least for me. If I am feeling great, than pretty much no pace is too high. But on those days when I don’t have it, it becomes readily apparent.

It seems like during a distance sessions, the difference between feeling good and feeling bad is not super obvious; but the faster/harder you go, the discrepancy between being “on your game” and being “off your game” gets larger. Does anyone else agree?

Reese Hanneman

Me after a particularly forgettable time trial... my rediculous hair and the free muffins only slightly made up for it.

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Beautiful Bindings

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Have you ever noticed how bindings are like the toilets of cross-country skiing? Everyone needs them, but no-one likes to spend too much time thinking about them… I think it’s fairly normal for the average ski racers thoughts to go like this as they walk into a ski shop:

“Wow. Bindings. They’re black. Or red. Cool. Now let’s look at skis!”

At least, that’s what I’ve always said. Skis, boots, and poles are just way cooler, right? Well, not this year. Rottefella and all of the companies using NNN have procured one rowdy new binding that might just be one of the sweetest things on the wall.

As a engineer-in-study, I can appreciate the simple elegance of these NIS-compatible clampers; making a device increasingly complicated does not mean that it will be better. These bindings forego all of the levers, springs, straps, and gizmos that have been tried in xc ski bindings in favor of a design that uses significantly fewer parts. The mechanism is so simple and strong, I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before. Its straight-up brilliant!

This level of refinement in such a straightforward layout leaves you and I with bindings that are just silly light… Really, the only way you’ll believe me is to go down to your favorite shop and check them out yourself!

The main part of the new Xcelerator

Here you can see the one-piece steel lever/clamp... and the interchangeable flex-pod that locks into the binding

I am super stoked to click into these babies sometime soon!

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Stage 3: SNOW!!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
Just got back from a mountain run with Mark and Brent… Last night was the coldest in a while, and it had been drizzling all night here in town. So the stoke was pretty high as far as the possibility of running our way into some substantial snow. Needless to say, our hopes were fulfilled… It was full on winter up there at Rabbit Lakes!

Working our way up


Crunching frozen cranberries as we went

Some places had drifted sorta deep

If you noticed a trend in those pictures, yes, you are right… Brent likes to try and hit the camera with snowballs.

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Oh So Close

Monday, October 4th, 2010

It won’t be long now… the snow is getting closer and closer to town with every passing day.

Eric Packer and I on a long skate ski this morning...

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