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Besh Cup Report

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Last weekend was one of the biggest showdowns of the year. Nope, I’m not talking about Nationals, JN’s, or Spring Series…

I’m talkin bout Besh Cup 1 and 2!!!

Alaska is pretty much its own little skiing microcosm. There are so many fast junior and senior racers here, and when everybody comes home for Christmas, the competition gets intense. With a skate sprint on Saturday and a distance interval start race on Sunday, there were two chances for everyone to bang heads.

I can attest the men’s field was especially intense… I tried to figure it out, and there were at least 5 guys that had been on the podium at US Nationals before, not to mention all the Junior National Champions and NCAA skiers.

In the sprint, I got to ski a few heats with Logan, which was pretty fun. Kid’s definitely got some power:

Logan and I in our Quarterfinal


There were tons of kids racing, and lots of good competition. The girls were going at it:


With Becca ending up showing everyone how it was done. She was on fire all day and took it to the end:

Becca going for the win.


Even further proof of the level of intensity of these races; I got sent to the B-Final after getting way too tactically lackadaisical. I came into the lanes tucked right behind David Norris in my Semi after leading for most of heat, and I was pretty sure I had second made. Then he decided to cool his jets for the A-Final, while Logan and T-Korn were charging hard on either side of me. With nowhere to go for fear of taking them out or getting DQ’ed I had no choice but to stand up and watch them  both blow by me. I couldn’t believe it!! But it was absolutely my fault, I had just gotten too complacent. Even if it’s just a Besh Cup, you absolutely have to bring all ten levels of aggression:

Myself, David, Logan, and Tyler in the Semi


Eric Packer ended up narrowly taking the win over David, with Logan getting third. Those guys were all absolutely hauling, and it was awesome to see the AK boys going for it!

Sunday was the distance classic race…Super warm and rainy, and rocket-icy-fast tracks.

Personally, I have never, ever started a distance race that hard. I went out at absolute sprint pace and was able to keep that pace for most of it. It was super fun to be going that fast, and it was very encouraging.

Kate Fitz laid down the law for the girls race, with Jaime Bronga in second and Amy Glen in third.

Kate Fitz hammering the 10k


I had a great time out on course, and it was fun to attack every part of the course:



And David proved that he is the guy to beat going into Nationals… he just tore around the course to get me by 22 seconds:



Skate Sprint Results HERE

Classic Distance Results HERE


Huge thanks to Bert Boyer for all the pictures!!

Now its home for Christmas, and final preparations before Nationals. I feel blessed to be able to go home to family for the holidays, and to be skiing on perfect snow all the while. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and that Rumford gets some snow!

See everyone there!


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Skiing in Montana

Thursday, December 1st, 2011


So, we did the West Yellowstone thing. APU sent a pretty small group there, only 6 athletes, and it was a really positive experience for me. I’m definitely not saying that the races were great; some of them were decent, and one of them in particular was awful. But it was a productive week, because I got to race through the whole week of acclimation, and feel the vast differences between days 1-5 at altitude.

I was happy with my classic races, and it was super sweet to see Fitz, Erik, and Becca throw down some solid top-5 results.

Since the Fasterskier crew did an amazing job there, with all the race coverage, videos, and quotes, I won’t be trying to compete with them. I really don’t have any race photos that are better than theirs, but I do have a sweet shot of the Movember crew from West… there were a lot of guys with some pretty dirty staches. Unfortunately, the lighting in this one doesn’t do them all justice, but they are there:

The movember crew


We are now in Bozeman, where there has been a slight lack of snow lately. By slight, I mean that we haven’t been able to ski at Bohart yet, but there is snow in the forecast so the races are on. We have been skiing at Bozean Creek, which is impressively good considering the brown landscape:

Skiing at Bozeman Creek


I found a little bump to jump during today’s distance workout:


But Bozeman is pretty nice… I mean, where else can you see this kind of get-up driving down main street?


Since we have gotten the word that the races are going to happen, we are training and getting ready for them like normal. We did a pretty aggressive plymetric workout yesterday, and the girls decided to up the ante a little bit, and make the consequences a little higher:

Becca and Fritz, raising the stakes in plyos


Everyone is looking forward to the races here, should be awesome!


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