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Thursday, March 13th, 2014

My name is Noah Hoffman; I’m a friend of Reese’s and his roommate here in Falun, Sweden. I’m honored to be doing a guest post on his site.

In all honesty, I don’t get to read many of Reese’s posts on this blog. In a sport where everyone is trying to produce as much quality web content as possible (to help with personal marketing), there isn’t enough time to follow all of my friends’ posts. However, I know from experience that Reese’s photography skills are exceptional. Unlike me, Reese actually knows what he’s doing and takes pride in posting quality shots. At times, I’ve hired him to do small photo shoots of me. He produces great shots for me to distribute to my sponsors. Here’s a really cool shot he took of me on the Eagle Glacier last summer:

1 (1024x683)

Reese is here at World Cup Finals in Falun, Sweden as the leader of the U.S. Super Tour, and we (as a U.S. Ski Team) are so psyched to have him join our group. He is one of the nicest guys in the world. He is professional, thoughtful, conscientious, laid back and fun. We get several different Super Tour leaders joining our group throughout the season. Each of them brings something slightly different to the group, and Reese stands out as an exceptional teammate. I don’t mean to be writing a letter of recommendation for Reese, but I want to make sure you (his readers) know that he is awesome.

I’ve known and raced against Reese for a long time. We figured out that we both raced at the Junior National Championships in Truckee, California in 2005, but neither of us remembers meeting the other at those races. I believe the first time I got to know Reese was at my first World Junior Championships in Mals, Italy in 2008. We’ve never been super competitive with each other since Reese has excelled more in sprinting while I could not be more of a distance specialist. I do have one distinct memory of racing against Reese. It was at Junior Nationals in Anchorage in 2007 in the 15 kilometer mass start classic race. I was the top seeded skier, starting at the pinnacle of the chevron. No more than 20 meters into the race, skiing at the very front of the pack, I crashed. The entire field passed me. I eventually made my way back up to the lead pack only to crash again, again of my own accord. I made it up to the front a third time and tried to push the pace to drop my competitors. I tried as hard as I could, but I could not drop Reese or his teammate Max Treinen. In the last kilometers I knew I had to get a gap on Reese because I did not like my chances in a sprint against him. True to form, he absolutely smoked me in the final 100 meters, winning by a landslide.

Reese, his awesome brother Logan and his parents Nancy and Karl have put me up on the two occasions I’ve been in Fairbanks for races. They are a wonderful, welcoming family. I keep hoping for spring nationals to return to Fairbanks because I want to live with the Hannemans again.

This World Cup period, starting two weeks ago, marks Reese’s first ever European World Cup experience. It’s been fun to watch him awe at things that seem normal to me. I remember how exciting everything about the whole World Cup “circus” was to me when I first got an opportunity to race over here. I’m jealous that Reese gets to experience that now. Here’s Reese doing a little intensity today before tomorrow’s classic sprint race:

2 (768x1024)

He’s going to crush it tomorrow.

3 (1024x768)

Here he is enjoying a trip to town on Tuesday:

4 (768x1024)

We had a great time bowling as a team on Tuesday night.

5 (768x1024)

Reese and I had a good battle because we are equally inconsistent.

6 (768x1024)

Thanks to Reese for the opportunity to write this post! You can follow me daily at

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