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About Me

Growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska has made me into the athlete and person I am. First, there were no training clubs or program coaches to hold my hand and tell me what to do. So I learned as I went, using basically only my own motivation as a training plan. This inevitably led to me doing lots of stupid things. Which I still do sometimes. Eventually, with lots of help, I was able to reach a level of competition that only served to fire me up to reach the highest realms of the sport. Secondly, it gets kind of cold here. So I got used to skiing at -30. And classic skiing.

Reese Hanneman

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
Current Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Team: APU
Home Club: Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks
Coaches: Erik Flora, Bill McDonnell
Education: Currently pursuing a B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree at UAF/UAA
High School: Lathrop High School  08

Result Highlights

2010 Canmore World Cup U.S. Team member
3rd U.S. National Championships 2010 Classic Sprint
9th U.S. National Championships 2010 30k Classic
2010 U.S. Under23 World Championship Team member
2008 U.S. World Junior Championship Team member
Member U.S. Ski  Team NTG

Reason I Ski

There are many cool reasons to be a ski racer. Coaching youth ski camps is probably one of the best. Seeing the kids get so excited when telling them about my racing experiences, and helping them to reach their own goals, is one of the greatest motivators. Just helping people have fun on snow and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Things I Like to Do

Ski (duh). XC, tele, backcountry, alpine, park, steeps, chutes, groomers, driveways. Race bikes; road, mountain. Triathlons. Wheelie-ing. Longboarding. Pump Track-ing. Tennis. Graphic Design. Math. RC Trucks. Fly Fishing. Hunting. Eating.

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