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Back home and TernPro VIDEO

I’ve been back home in Hanover this week, and it’s been busy! I managed to get a few running workouts and a few skiing workouts in, though. My freind Max Durtschi has been able to join me for some of the skiing sessions. Max is a pro cyclist but he’s taking the classes at Dartmouth this winter. His name may ring a bell since it wasn’t so long ago that he was crushing Junior Nationals and racing for the U.S. on the J1 Scando Trip.


There’s no doubt Max could still take some names out on the course!


People always tell me that there’s no snow in the Upper Valley… (1/16/14)

I also wanted to share a sweet video from earlier this fall in Bozeman, Montana. A friend of mine from school started this really cool company called TernPro. What they do is rent out GoPro video cameras and when you return the cameras they make you an awesome video of your adventure! It’s pretty awesome if you don’t want to go out and buy a new GoPro, or if you don’t have the time or energy to struggle with cutting down all the footage and making a professional looking video! I tried it out this fall, and TernPro produced a really cool video. You can check it out below!

Park City Christmas

Just as we did last year, my good buddy Skyler Davis and are spending the holidays in Park City, UT to acclimate for US Nationals. I came here straight from Rossland, BC on the 17th, and Sky arrived a few days ago from Vermont. It’s been so great to be back in Park City. It seems like it’s always sunny and beautiful here, and if it’s not, it’s probably snowing a lot! We’re staying right next to the Round Valley trail head, so it’s been pretty convenient to do most of our skate skiing there. They haven’t started grooming tracks for classic skiing yet, and these are multi-use trails open to dogs, so there can be a bit of traffic. Still, it’s great not to drive for half our training sessions. We’ve gone down to Soldier Hollow a couple times for classic workouts and some intensity sessions. It’s nice to…

Finland Wrap-up and Travel to Montana!

So the races in Finland were pretty rough for me, Welly, and Kris, but we took a lot of positives from them. It was a good reminder of how “on” you need to be to compete in a strong European field. My focus was really to just get the engine rolling and get a few starts under my belt before the opening Supertours in West Yellowstone and Bozeman, so I felt pretty good about the event even if the results were sub-par.  From a training perspective, the trip was incredible! We had over 25km of amazing trails and great coverage. It was the perfect training camp for November where getting on snow is always questionable.   The travel to Montana was pretty long since I had to spend the night in Boston, but that turned out to be pretty fun. I stayed with my former Dartmouth teammate, Ace Tarberry, at…

Final Race Prep

The race season is rapidly approaching! I’ve been working hard on dialing in all my new grinds and learning more about my skis. The days have been pretty busy here in Muonio and the first races are now in sight. This weekend’s races will include a classic sprint on Friday, a 10km classic on Saturday, and a 15km freestyle on Sunday. I’ll be competing in all three races. Even though I’m not focusing on sprinting, I feel like every classic sprint is at least a chance for me to lower my abysmal sprint points, so I’m jumping in it. It’s also a good opportunity to go through the full race routine as a bit of a dress rehearsal before the two distance races. After an easy day yesterday, most of us hit the ground running with some intensity today. I did some Level 4 intervals on classic skis, focusing on…

Day 1: Muonio

Hello and welcome to my Blog!  Thanks to everyone at Fasterskier for helping set it up. The Maine Winter Sports Center crew arrived in Muonio last night to find a fresh layer of snow on the ground and over 15 km of skiing. It’s been three years since I was last here, and I had forgotten how awesome this place is for training.  We have two cabins that are very comfortable (each equipped with a sauna!) right on the ski trails and very close to the wax room and dining hall.  The food has been excellent as well. Being the first day after a long day of travel, we took it pretty easy today. Kris, Welly, and I classic skied for two hours this morning, and skated for 1:30 this afternoon.  I am trying to focus on specific strength throughout this camp so I made an effort to push…