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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Since my last post I have revisted the treadmill. My understanding of the point of the workout I did on this treadmill in this video was to push our lactates and increase our V02 max.

I usually use z3 to build up my strength at this time of year but have tossed this balls out work into the mix  for this fall.  I do not know what to think about the V02 max benefit either, a few years I ago I did V02 max tests in this same lab on a running treadmill, after posting a great V02 max results I was told by other athletes that it didn’t really mean anything.  That was frustrating what was the point of a test where the result don’t matter?

I have however managed to reach my highest lactate ever a 14.4 while Off setting 14 % grade at 11 kph.  I want to share this video because it has each technique I will use this season while racing.  And these workout have been the focus of the past couple weeks.

Tomorrow is my last workout of the year on the treadmill.

Wish me luck

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One more way to get the job done!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

As I promised in my last post I am posting video of my first workout ever on the Rollerski Treadmill in Calgary at the Olympic Oval.

I thought I would take the time to go over what I feel were the pro’s and con’s of the rollerski treadmill.


Consistent Testing Environment.

Its rollersking and not running.

You can rollerski any course you choose if you want a 16% climb for 20 minutes you can, you won’t tire this treadmill out.

You can see your technique in the mirrors and it is a instantaneous feedback as well you can have a side, front or back view with the video camera for your entire time on the treadmill not just when you ski by the camera.

When rollerskiing is poor because of ice or snow but skiing is not possible we can still accomplish ski specific workouts.

Exciting to try something new!  And new ways to push your limits, today during my second workout on the treadmill I reached a new personal high in the lactate department 14.0 and rollerskiing I rarely break 10.


The treadmill is in Calgary and the National Ski team and Biathlon Team are in Canmore,  A 1 hour drive each way can be tiring when trying to complete a high volume week.

There is only one treadmill and when you have a entire team at the lab it means it will be a long wait before and after.

It does not feel the exact same as rollersking or skiing to me.

I have also provided a photo of the Treadmill Tips we were using however they have been improved upon in that last couple days and now closely resemble Nordic Walking Tips.

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Treadmill RS tips

I apologize for the quality of the video although it started out decent youtube distorted it pretty badly.

Rollerski Tips

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Breaking the ice!

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post of what will hopefully be many this season. I am a little nervous for this first post and have been putting it off for awhile.  Even though I have blogged before never before on a site with as many dedicated readers as

My name is Scott Perras and I have been selected to represent Canada at the Biathlon World Cup for the second season in a row and figured the new FasterSkier blogs would be a great way to bring my experiences home to my family, friends, sponsors and Biathlon Fans alike whom without I would not be able to continue my pursuit of the Olympic Dream.

So please keep and eye on my blog I hope to display what the World Cup experience is all about.  I hope to do this through traditional blogging as well as video blogging and I hope to also bring the experiences of my team mates through post race video interviews.  The good races and the bad.

A little off topic but today was my first experience on a roller ski tread mill, pics and video soon to come!

Happy Trails

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