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Friday, March 19th, 2010

So since my last post I have actually been through a lot of the business we call racing.  I have actually made a couple posts but due to poor Internet they never actually posted or even saved as drafts.  So I will try to update on both races since I do not a pursuit to suit up for on Saturday I will have the time.

So we left Canadian Champs before they were even completed, Saturday we were racing for WC selection and National Titles and the next morning 9 Am we are leaving Canmore bound for Finland.  It was a problem free commute but like any travel from Canada to Scandinavia it can be tiring, I think it was only 3 flight segments and a 9 hour time change but tough on the body none the less.  I was starting the 3rd leg of the mixed relay which was taking place 3 days from touching down in Finland.  I was feeling the jet lag and despite a good start from the team and some good opportunity to make a top 6 finish it was too much, I struggled on the range using 5 spare rounds and having one penalty.  You have penalty loops  in a relay and you don’t usually get selected for the next one.  I also took a good spill on one of the fast descents, fortunately I was fine and so was my equipment.  I was disappointed with letting my team down and had trouble rebuilding my confidence through the night for the next race

In the sprint I had a decent start, I suffered through prone slowly taking one penalty.  I pushed on the course and felt ok, not great but good enough to be selected for the pursuit with some better shooting in standing.  Well it was not my day,  I took two more penalties in standing and that was too much, when I am skiing near my best I can be selected for pursuits shooting 3 miss but I have not skied anywhere near my best this season,  what a season to have a 4 month long slump,  I am not a writer and can not even put in to words my disgust with my season this year.  That being said I thought once I recovered from jet lag I could be in good form, after all I showed some potential at Nationals.  So off to Oslo we go.

Oh but not so easy,  I wake up the morning of departure for Oslo with a sore throat,  shit what now.  We I go through the travel day and am trying to put down my fluids and keep everything maintained.  Two flights later we arrive and it is beautiful and sunny, awe just what I love about Norway in the Spring, but I have to get back to a 100% health,  I wake up the next day and I feel as though I am getting sick, I ask my coaches to get my room mate a another room so we can both relax a bit, he doesn’t have to worry about getting sick and I dont have to worry about making him sick.  I spend the day in bed reading and watching movies, while drinking hot tea and even hotter tea.  The next day it is looking promising, I have no cold symptoms just the sore throat,  so I go to official training, it doesn’t feel too bad, I dont go into any intensity just keep to some easy training with short sprints.

So today I wake up, hmm the throat is still bothering me.  More so what is it and why is it there. 4 days now?  A little much I think.  But Holmenkollen is one of my favorite places to race and sometimes you can surprise yourself even if you are feeling punished.  I would take more caution in the early season or if it was colder out but I didn’t feel like I was going to hurt my body and it is the end of the season so no need to really save myself.

So I start the race and its going ok I don’t feel too bad, although there seemed to be a lot of lactate build up in the lower legs, I mean alot.  My shins and calves were burning so much I didn’t have good control of my feet.  But I pushed on.  I came into the range and was very hesitant in the range,  I took one miss but my shooting was just plain awkward.  I continued on through my middle 3.3km loop,  I was feeling ok ski despite the damn lactate in my lower leg.  I came into the range and shot quickly and decisively I basically did a 180 from how I felt in prone.  I shot clean and whizzed right past the penalty loop,  I left the range in something in the mid 40’s but was soon hit with a debilitating amount of lactate acid in my legs and stomach.  I felt as though i was going to puke on every downhill, fall over every corner and I was not moving fast so that was not the issue.  I ended up crashing on the final straight stretch into the finish, it is a small compression, nothing extreme but I think with the combination of the compression and the slow snow was what through me off.  I put my head down into the compression and completely face planted right in front of the fans.  I crossed the finish in a dismal 74th, I had lost over 25 places in what was probably the worst finishing lap of my career.  I was disorientated and more then normal uncomfortable after the finish, even now my stomach aches a bit, I chalk up the poor form to whatever I have been battling since leaving Finpand.    Soon after a little Norwegian boy came up to me asking for my start bib, I definitely didn’t want any memory of this race and quickly pulled it off and handed it to the now very happy boy.  I only hope he doesn’t look at the results!

So now I hang out in Oslo for a few days and then off to Russia or home, not sure at this point.

Maybe this post should have been called if its not one thing its another.

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Photos from Nationals

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Photos by Jeff Stokoe

Pictures can be found at the following sites

Training and sprint races

Individual races

Pursuit morning classes

Pursuit afternoon classes


Medals and flower presentations

If interested in ordering photographs Please send me an email and I will give you ordering instructions


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On the road again.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

So since my last post I have raced a 12.5 Pursuit and been named to the team going to the final World Cups of the season. I was pretty upset with my performance in the pursuit, I was skiing well but I expected much more of myself in terms of control and shooting performance. With shooting 9/10 in both of my last two time trials and 16/20 in the t.t. before that I was pretty sure I was on track. Since returning from Europe I was shooting 85% and expected the trend to continue. But I fell into some old habits of the past.

That being said I am back on the WC where I want to be and this is where performing really counts so I will be happy if I can pull out my seasons best performances this late in the year, something that will be new for me. I will be racing in Kontiolahti, Fin Oslo, Nor and Khanty Mansyik, Rus these are all places I have raced before and am excited to return to.

I will do my best to keep you posted. The team for this tour is, Jean Phillipe Leguellec, Nathan Smith, Brendan Green, Scott Perras, Zina Kocher, Megan Tandy, Megan Imrie and Rosanna Crawford.


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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

So today was the Individual race at Canadian Nationals, the results in the Men were Nathan Smith, Patrick Cote and Robin Clegg. I did not race today focusing instead on the Pursuit to come later this week.

You can see the results from all competitions this week at

Sprint Podium

Sprint Podium

Individual Podium

Individual Podium

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Canadian Biathlon Nationals are on!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Today we kicked off the 2010 Canadian Champs in Canmore Alberta. Today was the Sprint race with Men and Boys racing in the a.m. and Women and Girls racing in the p.m.

The conditions are hard packed as always in Canmore despite the above zero temps we have experienced for the past week, gotta love artificial snow.

I dont have all the results but I tell the top 4 of the Men’s Sprint.

1st Robin Clegg 10/10
2nd Scott Perras 8/10
3rd Brendan Green 8/10
4th Scott Gow (jr) 10/10

I will try to find some results to post. Tomorrow is the 20km with many of the Men not racing because only the Sprint and Pursuit are being used to select the WC team for the final 3 WC’s of the season.

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