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From Ruhpolding – Cortina.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

So the CNBT just finished our first training camp of the year, for me the camp had many new experiences.  I had never been to Europe in the Spring or summer and I was excited to see where all my competitors train all Spring, Summer and Fall.  We started our camp in Ruhpolding, Germany where the focus was shooting.  It seemed we needed to take some action on this front as none of us shoot accurately enough to place in the top 30 overall shooting percentages for the year.  And I believe we only have one athlete on the World Cup with a season average over 80%.

The camp started with a drive from Ruhpoding to the University of Salzburg where we did a shooting analysis, it was interesting because you could now quantify the amount of pressure you were placing on your trigger and butt plate and also see the consistency you were exercising.  As you can imagine consistently is everything when it comes to putting bullets one on top of the other.  We all left knowing how our personal pressure maps compared to some of the top athletes that have visited the University of Salzburg  You can read more about it here.  IBU

The next day we started shooting with Jean-Pierre Amat in Ruhpolding, we started with a 600 precision test to get a baseline.  The test was going to take place on electronic targets, something new to everyone on the team.  The range was indoors and I managed a 504, decent but nothing special or so I thought we did 4 more 600 tests that week and I never broke 500 again.  I am not sure if it was from mental fatigue or if my body was struggling to adapt to some of the physical changes in my shooting technique.  It was nice to be indoors as we knew any mistake or change was due to our doing and not environmental.  We shot twice a day for the week and by the end I needed a break from my rifle which was easy because on the final day in Ruhpolding we visited Peter Fortner’s workshop, where I left my rifle for a re-barreling.  Peter Fortner is the inventor of the Fortner action, the action which is used by almost every Biathlete worldwide and certainly over 95% of the Biathletes on the World Cup.  He is a gunsmithing genius and it was a pretty cool experience to be welcomed into his workshop.  We also got to try out the new electronic rifle that Anchsutz has been working on,  it looks and feels exactly like a standard Biathlon rifle but instead uses lazer instead.  It has been used in some exhibition events and will likely stay that way for a while as most seem to prefer the experience of a real rifle.

Next we were on to Cortina, Italy home of the 1956 Winter Olympics.  There is still some evidence of the Olympics with a curling rink in the downtown and a ski jump situated just outside the town.  Here is a video of it in action in 1956, [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] you have to respect those guys as I don’t think anyone was going go get airlifted to a hospital in the event of a crash.

Moving on, the cycling around Cortina was amazing and more amazing was how much great cycling you could have from the door of your hotel.  We rode for 8 days total 4 out of Cortina, every day we scaled mountain passes and rode different routes,  average climbing was probably around 1800 a day with the largest day being 2600 meters.  The most notable climb for us was Passo Fedaia, we tackled it in Z3 and I had to dig deep to get to the top. This was one of the most difficult climbs in the Giro d’Italia this year. I am not sure if I enjoyed the ascending or descending more, it was obvious we were not used to the descending as the team had a total two crashes and a few close calls throughout the cycling portion of our camp.

Shooting Analysis Salzburg

Shooting in Ruhpolding

Ruhpolding shooting range ready for a session

Bavarian scenery during rollerski.

On top of Passo Fedia

Brenny riding final hill of camp

Nordic Walking routes

Refueling post ride. Cortina

Pumping first and only flat of the camp

Cortina Ski Jump

Stage 15 Giro d'Italia

Getting some grub at the top of Staller Sattel. Probably my favorite meal of the whole trip.

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Northug vs Hellner Diamond League

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I was watching the Diamond League meet the other day on but actually missed the battle between Northug and Hellner or maybe they didn’t cover it.  Either thankyfully a teammate passed it on.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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