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The month of July has been marked with its fair share of intensity, but for me personally I might be tolerating it better then usual. The most important will be to see if it can be absorbed and turned into speed when the snow flies.

I have a short vid of some DP intensity we did at the start of the week,  we were fortunate in that we could join the xc team for some DP intervals.  I haven’t done much if any DP intensity with classic length poles but I was happy with how it worked out.  It was also tricky trying to turn quickly on the classic RS but what can I say, at least I can shoot and thankfully there was only one turn per interval.  In the videos I am the guy wearing white, other then that there is Devon, Ivan and Brendan. I found the whole workout motivating and it was fun to do some intervals with a couple of very accomplished guys.



For the intervals we were on Pro-Skis Roadline tech, which were a pleasant ride compared to what I use as a daily trainer.  They also received a great review from FS back in 09, check it out here. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up and pair and I may even do so in the near future.

On another note if you wanted to check out a highlight video of the Uphill race that was part of Blink Festival you should be able to watch it through the link below. I did have to download a plug-in before I was able to watch it.


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