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Well that wasn’t according to plan.

Friday, February 17th, 2012

This weekend wrapped up the final race before World Championships which will start in 13 days.  Since the New Year I have been on the road a lot and was stacking up some decent results. Forni Avoltri was where I was really able to test everything out and it turned out I was back on track, maybe not where I wanted to be but moving in the right direction.  Nove Mesto provided the first big test of the New Year.  When considering everything WC #5 was ok but  it was hard to see where I was at, the wind in Nove Mesto provided a challenge that could derail even the sharpest shooters plan.  I was able to shoot well enough to show that I was still on track.  By the time Antholz rolled around I was getting a bit tired but was still hanging on, this was a time when sickness was hitting the team left right and center and I would have been happy to just maintain my health but I also managed a PB in the Sprint with a 29th and  we put together a solid relay performance for 7th place.   At this point I felt as though I was close to where I wanted to be and with some little tweaks I could push my performance up another notch.  With the end of Antholz came a decision, continue on to Oslo or return home and prepare for IBU Cups 6 &7 and WCH.  It was not a easy choice,  my brain told me to cash in my chips and head home for some good training it was not like I would miss any racing because the IBU Cups could replace Oslo.  But it wasn’t part of the plan, the coaches wanted us on the World Cup.  Of course my heart wanted to be on the World Cup. The WC is where the action happens, you get to test yourself against the best but it meant I would train in Europe for 8 days for one more race maybe two.  It weighed heavily that I wanted to help my team fight for a top 15 in the overall Nation Cup standing,  this is where it gets decided your start quota for the following year and we are at a great risk of losing a start for the entire 2012/13 season.  My heart won out and also lead me to another PB, a 27th, my result could have been much better.  But with my cold hands I made an error in prone, I double ejected costing me an approximate 15 secs or a certain top 25. But many people struggled with the cold in Oslo, so maybe I got away lucky.  But I didn’t make it home with that luck,  surprisingly there were a lot of sick people in Olso.  I say surprisingly because there was a training break compared to when athletes are normally getting sick at the end of a trimester when the fatigue is at its highest.   Athletes and staff, something was going around and within a day of arriving home I was out with a head cold, actually a man cold.  It was disappointing,  I went all last season with out sickness and felt that if I survived this tour I could certainly stay healthy for the remainder of the season.  Unfortunately that cold cost me a start in IBU Cup #6 and likely some form in IBU Cup #7.  So now I just wrapped my last race before World Champs with my worst skiing and shooting of the 2012, positive stuff if I do say so myself.  So here I find myself with 13 days to go before the most important races of the season, hmm something needs to change or does it?  Will it all work out?  I guess in13 days we will have a pretty good idea.  I turned around my season in 13 days over Christmas so its possible, but impossible to predict seeing that there is still a lot to go on not to mention a flight back to Europe.  And if there is one thing I have learned from my 4 prior visits to WCH, other nations don’t f around.

I realize my post is one run on sentence, my bad hope you didn’t hold your breath.

View from dinning room Antholz.

Another view of the snow in Antholz


Long ski, stop for Beer, Hot Chocolate or Cider and some pasta.

Panorama Platz Weisen

Mittenwald range, home for Magdalena Neuner

Trail map Seefeld, some of the best trails in the World if not the best.

Ski Jump Seefeld

Brenny taking in the sun in Oslo.

Statkraft young start race, televised after IBU WC programming. A glimpse into Nordic culture in Norway.

so that’s what I’ve been up too.

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